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The Boombox Pack

Need to slap some hip hop nostalgia into your design work? These old school retro 3D Boombox renders should do the trick.

Who remembers when music was played on cassette tapes and if you were lucky enough, you could get a clean-cut recording of the latest hot-track direct from radio to tape?

If you can, you’re old enough for the Boombox Pack by DesignerCandies to bring back some (hopefully fond) memories of portable-music’s earliest days.

I’m barely old enough to remember such days, but I do remember taking my dad’s boombox out with friends and thinking I looked cool as F carrying it on my shoulder. Yes, I did actually do that.

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Popularised by their battery-powered ability to take music from your bedroom and into the street, the Boombox quickly became the choice instrument of amateur rappers in the early days of hip hop. As so, the images and illustrations of the boombox today are often used as a symbol of hip hop’s roots and original style when being incorporated into old school rap and hip hop related projects by graphic designers

As someone who creates a lot of work for clubs and events, I can attest that an image of a boombox is a surefire way to represent the content of an old-skool hip hop night.

Included in the Boombox Renders Pack by DesignerCandies are 6 high resolution renders from 3 unique models.

File details:

Each render is around 1,500px to 2,500px in width & height, rendered at 300dpi resolution to give an incredibly detailed and high quality output. The files are delivered as transparent .png, meaning they’re already isolated and you can drop them straight into your designs. No cutting out required. Use each file as you wish, for whatever you want.

Of course, the Boombox Pack is Uncopyrighted.

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The Boombox Renders Pack Preview:

Free 3D Boombox Render

The free Boombox renders by DesignerCandies are so realistic you’ll feel like throwing one over your shoulder and bopping down the street. (You can’t though, they’re just mere pixels)

Boombox Close Up

Each render included in the DesignerCandies Boombox pack is incredible quality, modelled to look as realistic as possible.

Retro Boombox Render

Stuck for style? With three unique model styles included & rendered from six different angles, you’re sure to find one that’s suitable for your project!

Old School Boombox Render

These classic old school boombox renders will go brilliantly with hip hop themed design projects, or music related work in general.

Old School Boombox Render angle 2

No side left unturned. Each of the three included 3D boombox renders comes in two different angles allowing you to better utilise them in your designs.

Retro Boombox Angle 2

Each Boombox comes rendered from 2 different angles to give you even more flexibility when using them in your design work.


Download49438 downloads

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