The Premium Resource Bundle by DesignerCandies

  • Over $400 of graphic design resources
  • 15 unique & full-featured products
  • Includes the DesignerCandies 3D Lettering Packs
  • Hundreds of handpainted Photoshop brushes
  • Print templates, 3D renders, filters & more!
  • Free support & updates
Designer Candies Bundle

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  • Vintage Microphone Render Pack

  • Pizza Menu Template Pack by BrandPacks

  • Filmtone – Natural Photoshop Actions Pack

  • Café Menu Template by BrandPacks

  • Light Leaks Series 1 by FilterGrade

  • Plantaz – Over 40 Stylized 3D Plant Renders

  • Renegade Heavy Vintage Photoshop Actions

  • 3D Neon Lettering Renders for Photoshop

  • Mixed Bag V5 – Over 70 Stylized 3D Renders

  • Hand Painted Special FX Acrylic Brushes

  • Thick Industrial Paint Strokes Brush Set

  • 163 Wet Paint Strokes Brush Set

  • 99 Hi Res Paint Splatter Brushes

  • 3D Foil Balloon Lettering Pack for Photoshop

  • Drippy Brushes – 40 Dripping Brushes

What our customers are saying:


“…another fantastic value bundle”

“I’m a sucker for a good design bundle – great to see this bundle features a variety of useful files and not just fonts or textures. Cheers!”

Cam Garvie
Print Shop Owner


“…the text packs are so much fun!”

“I am in love with these 3D text packs. I never knew Photoshop could handle 3D files. Just playing around with the packs is teaching me so much!”

Andy Daum
Web Designer


“…the brushes are useful every single day”

“These hand painted Photoshop brushes are *brilliant*! They’re perfect for creating rough edges and adding grimy strokes to my work.”

Sharron De Souza
Graphic Designer


“…$29 is too cheap for such an excellent bundle”

“If you’re not giving away amazing files for free, you’re giving them away for ”almost free”. $29 for all this? Thanks for everything you do DesignerCandies!”

Vivian Huang
Graphic Designer