Diamond Renders

Diamond Renders Pack

How many other websites do you know that give diamonds away for free? Ok, these may not be real diamonds but they're definitely worth their weight in pixels!

As it goes, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Well they’re also the best friend of a designer who’s wanting to add a luxurious element to their work. I mean what’s more luxurious than diamonds, right?

Ice, bling, jewels or diamonds – whatever you want to call them – this free pack by DesignerCandies includes 10 unique renders of ’em split over two sets.

Some of you may recognise Set 2 if you follow our other website, FlyerHeroes. The Set 2 diamond renders were originally published over there for flyer designers to use. However, since we’ve reshuffled FlyerHeroes and launched DesignerCandies, I figured it would be best to move them over here.

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Ask any 3D artist and they’ll attest that rendering diamonds is a royal pain in the ass. The reflective transparent surface and reflective inside makes isolating the diamond difficult, so big kudos to Lomell and Cornelia on creating these and doing such a superb job.

File Details:

Each render included in The Diamonds Pack is around 900px by 900px in height and width. Both sets are rendered at 300dpi, making them perfect for using in both print and web projects. Uncopyright as standard.

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Free Diamond Renders Pack Preview:

Diamond Render PNG

Each Diamond Render is a high resolution transparent .png file.

Diamond Render V2

There are two styles of diamond render included in the DesignerCandies Diamond Renders Pack

Free Diamond Render

Each Free Diamond Render is rendered from multiple angles to give you increased flexibility when using them in your design work.

Transparent Background - Diamond

With transparent background, you simply need to drop these renders into your design work to add a touch of luxury.

Diamond Render with Transparent Background

The second set of transparent diamond renders included has a clearer glass-like surface texture, compared to the first set which has a more illustrated and flat style.


Download35895 downloads

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