3D Patterns Matte Black Edition

Amongst our most popular member resources over the previous months have been our collection of 3D patterns. It's no wonder why. Our 3D pattern packs are a unique resource and certainly very useful; with this new pack being no different…

Today I'm adding to our collection with this set of Matte Black 3D patterns. They're incredible – SO much fun to use.

I find that when I use 3D patterns in my own work, typically I use them as backgrounds or borders; adding contrast against an overall flat design style.

The preview image of this item is a prime example, with the dark 3D texture of the background pattern infusing the design with depth and atmospheric energy; ideal contrast against the clean white text.

The most incredible thing about these patterns is that you can achieve this atmospheric energy in just a click. They're 100% seamless Photoshop patterns. Simply add them to your work as a Layer Style and you're good to go.

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I find these 3D patterns particularly useful in club flyers and posters, but I suppose that's because most of my clients are nightclubs. You could easily use these patterns on screen work too – and I think they'd be ideal for some website backgrounds.

Inside this download you'll find 10 unique 3D patterns with a matte black finish. Their dark and intriguing style will certainly add a unique element to your work.

If you want to use them outside of Photoshop, we've included the original seamless pattern tiles for good measure. Any program that supports patterns should be able to use them.

To see more, check out the previews below. You'll need to be a premium member to access these files – if you're not already a member, please consider joining to support us!

Matte Black 3D Patterns for Photoshop

10 Black Patterns for Photoshop

Inside this pattern pack you'll find 10 unique 3D pattern tiles with a matte black finish. The design of each is subtle, so even though they're 3D they're still very much ideal for minimalist design styles.

3D Matte Black Patterns for Photoshop

Fear not about resolution. Each of these tiles has been exported at a size that will work perfectly with both print and screen work.

I have actually used these patterns at 200% scale in printed posters and (though it is not recommended) the flowing matte black texture hides any pixellation, believe it or not.

Matte Black Patterns Photoshop

If you've never used 3D patterns in your work, give these a try and I'm sure you'll love them. Combine them with a flat design style for added contrast and the results, I assure you, will be impressive. Enjoy!

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