Transparent Smoke Renders Pack

These transparent smoke renders are a fun and incredibly powerful design resource. Drag and drop these resources and upgrade even the simplest of compositions to something truly amazing.

Like many natural and organic elements, cutting them out of photos or recreating them in Photoshop is often difficult, if not impossible. Well not anymore. With this set of 25 isolated smoke pngs, you can add realistic smoke to any design project.

We've worked hard on this resource, creating hyperrealistic transparent smoke that will look organic and natural when placed in your designs. With the use of some clever masking, you might even surprise yourself with the interesting pieces you can put together using these smokey-pngs. As you can see from the previews below, these smoke cutouts are ideal in plenty of different design situations, and I kid you not each design took just minutes to put together.

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Transparent smoke has been on my to-do list for quite some time. Earlier this year I decided to change DesignerCandies and build a premium section. After years of running DesignerCandies as a freebie-only site, it became difficult to support the site whilst also producing high-quality, unique and interesting resources. No such thing as a free lunch, right?

But today the tide is turning, and as this smoke renders pack may show, high quality resources are firmly back on the menu. Since launching our premium membership, we've seen hundreds of people signing up to support the site, and this premium resource is the beginning of many high-end resources we've got planned for DesignerCandies members over the next few months. Why not unlock this design and all our others by becoming a DesignerCandies Member today?

Check out what you can do with these simple yet powerful transparent smoke pngs below, or, join the club and download your own copy!

Transparent PNG Smoke Renders Preview:

Transparent PNG Smoke Renders

Included in this pack are 25 unique transparent smoke renders in .PNG format. Simply drag & drop them into your compositions!

Transparent PNG Smoke

There are a total of 25 unique isolated / transparent png smoke renders included in this download. Each piece of transparent smoke is in a neutral grey colour. Add colour by adding a colour overlay in Photoshop and changing the blend mode.

Make Simple Designs Interesting

Drag & drop smoke renders into your compositions and make even the simplest of designs infinitely more interesting.

Example mockup using smoke in packaging

Don't just limit yourselves to posters – these smoke renders are ideal for any type of design project!

Example Poster Using Transparent Smoke

In this example poster design, you can see just how incredible the smoke renders work. Quickly & easily create hyperrealistic smoke effects with just a drag and drop.

Logo With Transparent Smoke

Here's another example of the transparent smoke being used to surround and emphasise the DesignerCandies logo. So simple, but so effective!

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