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In my years working as a designer, I'm yet to find free 3D Balloon PNGs as stylish or premium-feeling as these. Enjoy!

I'm a big fan of simple design resources. More often than not, when you're working on a design, it's the small drag+drop elements that make the biggest difference. Likewise, it's these small but useful tidbits that are often the hardest to find.

Just as with our PNG Confetti Overlays, I wanted this resource to be a simple asset that could be dropped into almost any composition. Whether you're working on a birthday flyer, online ad or wedding invitation – these realistic transparent balloons are ideal.

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Included in this set of free balloon PNGs are a total of 16 files. There are 8 different colours in matte & gloss/metallic finishes, with two types of strings (curly and straight).

The gold metallic finish gives the balloons a hyper-premium feel, making them the perfect addon for upscale nightclub flyers and lavish birthday invitations.


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As always, our design resources are Uncopyrighted, meaning you can use these free balloon pngs however you wish.

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Free Transparent Balloon Previews:

Transparent Balloon PNGs

Realistic Balloon Clipart - Transparent PNGs

Transparent Balloon PNGs


Download Free Balloon PNGs
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