PNG Confetti Overlays

Drag & drop these transparent confetti PNGs into your work for explosive party vibes in an instant.

Confetti streamers are an ideal way to add positive energy to your work and photos. Synonymous with weddings, parades, parties & fun; these metallic PNGs are an exceptionally useful resource.

Whether you're a designer who creates content from scratch or a photographer focussing on portraits, these HD confetti PNGs will prove useful.

When we set out to produce these confetti overlays, we wanted to produce a neutral asset that could be used in a wide variety of work. To achieve this goal, we've stripped the confetti pieces of shadows and unnecessary lighting, resulting in an element that can be dropped into almost anything.

Most confetti is made of paper and looks rather dull (if you ask me). So we chose to replicate the premium metallic stuff, and as a result, we think it looks even more realistic. After all, anyone can recreate simple paper confetti…


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Video Tutorial: Using Confetti Overlays

In the below video, I walk you through a quick example use of these confetti overlays. Thanks to the transparent backgrounds, dragging and dropping the confetti onto your canvas is simple.

Whether you use Photoshop or another design program, this tutorial video will still give you a good example of how these PNGs can be used.

Example Images & Overview

In the below images, I've included a handful of examples to show you how these confetti overlays can be used. Simply overlaying on a photograph or dropping them into your work is easier than you think. Not to mention the incredibly professional results.

Realistic Confetti Overlays

We created these PNG Confetti Overlays using 3D software – but you'd never know – they look hyper realistic…

Confetti Photo Overlays Example

The PNG Confetti Overlays in this download are PERFECT for overlaying on photos & artwork.

Metallic Confetti Streamer Photo Overlays

Layered Confetti Overlays

Layered the confetti overlays on top of one another and apply blur effects for incredible imagery.

Confetti Overlay Styles

There are 6 Confetti Overlay Styles included in this pack: stars, squares, ribbons, star & square mix, star & ribbon mis, square & ribbon mix.

Transparent PNG Confetti Overlays

We've worked hard to create transparent PNG overlays with a neutral design style. This makes them ideal for including in a wide range of design work styles.

Confetti Overlays Intensity Levels

Each of the 6 PNG confetti styles included in this pack come in two different intensities – 25% and 50%




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