About DesignerCandies

About DesignerCandies

Adam McIntyre

DesignerCandies founder, Adam McIntyre ↝.

DesignerCandies is a project created by designers, for designers. We produce high quality graphic design resources for you to use in your design projects. All the content we publish on DesignerCandies is exclusively made by our crack team of candy-lovin' designers.

Everything you see on DCandies is original hand made content created with love, passion and bucket loads of coffee.

Our high quality resources enable creativity, productivity and the rapid development of high quality work. We work hard to make your work easier. With DesignerCandies resources, your design projects become easier and get finished quicker on an everyday basis.

In case you're wondering where you might've seen our faces before, we're the same designers as behind a number of other popular graphic design websites – see our network of sites here.

About our resources:

What goes around comes around. Do good things for other people and other people will do good things for you. That's our thought process, and that's why we offer nothing but the best resources.

We work hard & drink lots of coffee to hand-craft:

DesignerCandies is our digital playground. We create useful design resources for free and high quality premium resources for designers just like you.

Places to find us online:

Why connecting with us is important:

Connect with us online and interact with our team! By joining us on social profiles such as Facebook & DeviantArt you get to see previews of the new content we're working on before anyone else, request content to be created and submit your Candies-driven work to be showcased to our fans.

You also become one of the lucky few who get notified as soon as new resources are published and available for you to download. If you're the sort of person who likes to be notified by email, you can join our Email Newsletter too.

Simply giving us a “Like” on Facebook or adding us to your watch list on DeviantArt gives us the support we need to keep going and helps show others that you support and find value in our mission.

The more people who show LOVE and VALUE for the DesignerCandies brand, the more motivated we become to keep producing such high quality content for graphic designers like you.

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