Animal Print Patterns for Photoshop

Need a seamless leopard print pattern? Perhaps some snakeskin? Look no further! We've got the high-res animal skin patterns you need...

Gone are the days of low-quality Animal Print clipart. Today we introduce our high-resolution Animal Print Patterns for Photoshop.

This variety of seamless Animal skin patterns are simple and easy to use, adding a touch of wild style to your work in just a click.

Included in this download are a range of animal skin textures; including snakeskin, leopard/cheetah print, lizard skin, cow print, zebra patterns, tiger stripes, polar bear fur, panther, giraffe & more.

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The inspiration for these patterns came just the other day. I was in need of a seamless leopard print for a packaging design I was working on, but to my surprise, all I could find were large photo textures & flat vector patterns.

I wanted something 3D, something that looked real, with real hair & fur textures.

As so, I set about making our own – and producing some for DesignerCandies Members while in the process. The results, I think, are outstanding.

These patterns feature high-resolution animal skin texture, all of which have been rendered totally from 3D software. These patterns are completely 3D, meaning no real animal skins or furs were used in the process. That makes them Vegan, right?!

Anyway, I digress… the quality of these patterns really impressed me. In particular, the polar bear fur and giraffe skin patterns are my favourites – but what about you? Let me know your favourite pattern in the comments!

File Info:

There are 10 unique animal print patterns included in this download. Each pattern was exported at a high-res 1800x1800px, making them ideal for both screen and print work.

Alongside the Photoshop .PAT file, the individual pattern tiles are included, meaning you can use them in any pattern-supporting software.


Note: You'll need to be a DesignerCandies Member to download this file.

Seamless Animal Print Patterns Preview:

Bear Skin Fur Texture

Cow Skin Print Pattern

Giraffe Skin Print Pattern

Leopard Print Pattern

Lizard/Gecko Skin Pattern

Panther Print Pattern

Polar Bear Skin Fur Texture

Snake Skin Pattern

Tiger Stripes Print Pattern

Zebra Print Pattern

Animal Skin Patterns Mockups:

Cattle/Cow Print Pattern Mockup

Cheetah Print Pattern Mockup

Cow Print Pattern Mockup

Giraffe Print Pattern Mockup

Tiger Print Fur Pattern - Dress Mockup

Tiger Print Pattern Mockup

Zebra Print Pattern Mockup


Note: You'll need to be a DesignerCandies Member to download this file.

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