99 Thick Industrial Paint Strokes Brushes for Photoshop

We're back with another high-quality resource for DCandies' premium members. This week's resource is a set of 99 unique brushes for Adobe Photoshop.

To achieve the most realistic brush effect possible the only option here was to get out the paint and get messy. And when I say messy, my kitchen looks like a paint bomb has gone off. But oh well, it's all in the name of better design resources to help you make better designs.

Each of the 99 HD brushes in this Photoshop Brush Set has been lovingly crafted by hand to give each brush a genuine, realistic and authentic feel, as well as being 100% unique.

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This Photoshop Brush Presets pack includes 99 authentic, high quality and high-resolution hand made paint strokes that are just waiting to brush up your work. Of course, this brush set is reserved for our premium members.

The hand-painted nature of these brush strokes helps add a natural and organic feel to your work with just the click of a button. Because each brush stroke is taken from real-life scanned images, your clients will never know the difference.

Check out the preview images below for a detailed look at the thick industrial-style brushes included in the brush set, or login and download. Enjoy!

Thick Industrial Paint Stroke Brushes Preview:

Preview - Preset Manager

In this image you can see a preview of all the 99 individual brushes included in the Photoshop Preset Manager.

Thick Industrial Paint Stroke Brushes for Photoshop

There are a total of 99 unique brush strokes included in this pack.

Thick Industrial Paint Stroke Brushes for Photoshop

Alongside the longer stroked brushes, we've also included some thicker brush “dabs”. These Are perfect for making your own brush variations.

Thick Industrial Paint Stroke Brushes for Photoshop

Each brush is very high resolution with exceptional detail making them perfect for both web and print work.

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