Halftone Dot Patterns

Free Halftone Dot Patterns for Photoshop

Patterns are one of my favourite Photoshop features. Easily combine them with text, vector objects, layer styles and more to add seamless textures to your work.

Photoshop patterns are a great way to add non-destructive textures to your layers. This set of 22 free halftone dot patterns make adding subtle retro background patterns and textures to your work quick, easy and fun.

With just a few of these halftone dot patterns combined together and a touch of creativity, you can quickly and easily add interesting effects to your work (see the DesignerCandies preview below).

Unlike brushes (which are pretty inflexible once applied), patterns can fill any amount of space or shape and seamlessly repeat themselves to create subtle background texturing. Add them to text, backgrounds, vector shapes and more.

As the dots are on transparent backgrounds you can utilise blend modes to further enhance the effect of the patterns.

To change the colour of the dots you will need to rasterise the pattern and add a colour overlay, either with a layer style colour overlay or by creating a clipping mask with a solid fill colour adjustment layer.

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As well as the clean dotted patterns included in this pack, we've also thrown in a couple of grimy / distressed versions that are brilliant for adding a degraded and worn look to your work.

Whether you're a web designer, print designer, illustrator or photographer I am positive you can put this pack to good use – and I'd love to see what you produce, so maybe post some images in the comments?

File details:
Included in the download is a set of 22 halftone dot patterns for Adobe Photoshop. The file format is .PAT and can be loaded into Photoshop using either the Preset Manager, double clicking the .PAT file or by inserting into the patterns folder.

As always, this freebie is not restricted by license and is instead Uncopyrighted.


File Preview:

Free Dot Pattern for Photoshop

Free Halfton Dot Patterns for Adobe Photoshop

Free Halftone Pattern for Photoshop

Free Halfton Dot Patterns for Adobe Photoshop

Mix and match patterns!

Mix and match patterns to create awesome effects!



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