3D Tiki Masks

Drag & drop these Tiki Masks into your design for an instant Polynesian theme...

When it comes to tiki design, few elements are a more iconic representation of this cultural style than totem masks like these.

Traditionally hand carved, in year's gone by these masks would've been worn to ward off evil spirits and bring the wearer strength & luck.

Today, though, they're more often found decorating Hawaiian inspired tiki bars & Polynesian eateries.

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Which brings me on to why we made these masks in the first place…

On our sister site, BrandPacks, we create a whole bunch of design templates for restaurant & bar type business, and we'd had multiple requests for tiki themed content.

So we created these tiki mask renders for use in our Tiki Templates for cocktail bars & restaurants. I gotta say, they worked out a treat!

These 3D Tiki Mask PNGs are an ideal resource for anyone creating work for Polynesian/Tiki bars and restaurants. And that's why we created them!

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3D Tiki Totem Mask Previews:

3D Tiki Totem Mask PNGs

There are 7 unique tiki masks included in this download, each in plain wood and painted wood variations.

Tiki Mask PNG

Each of the masks are rendered at around 2,000×2,000 pixels, resulting in high-resolution images that can be used for both screen and print.

Example use:

Tiki Bar Flyer Templates

Here's an example of how we used this totem masks in our Tiki Bar Templates over on BrandPacks.

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