Free Easter Egg Renders Pack

Just in time for Easter to roll around, we've put together a tasty pack of chocolate style Easter Eggs, adding yet more sugar to our growing collection of designer candy:

With Easter on the horizon, clients from all industries and business sectors will be requiring design work to capitalise on the popular annual holiday.

Whether they're wanting banner ads, print designs or decorations for their website; these free foil-wrapped chocolate style Easter Egg Renders are sure to do the job of characterising Easter with ease.

Included in The Easter Egg Pack by DesignerCandies are 8 high quality unique Easter Egg Renders.

Seven of the renders are styled like popular Easter time chocolate eggs, wrapped in tinfoil and featuring colourful decorations, then there's also one bonus Faberge style egg thrown in for good measure.

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What's cool about this pack is the variety of colours and decals included on the tinfoil wrapped eggs. Having seven different variations to choose from makes it super easy to mix and match them in your design work without any problem of obviously over using the same asset.

Whilst there is only one angle included for each egg… it's kind hard to render eggs from different angles and keep the same, instantly recognisable egg-shaped form for use in static design jobs.. you're till getting an incredibly useful design tool.

File details:

There are 8 renders included in this (awesome) Easter Egg pack. Each render is around 700px by 700px in height and width and rendered at the not-high but not-low resolution of 100dpi.

Of course, the contents of this pack are 100% Uncopyright, so you can do what the heckers you like with them.


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Free 3D Easter Egg Renders Preview:

Easter Egg in Foil

Each of the chocolate-style Easter Egg Renders come in a stunning foil-wrap texture, just like the real thing!

Free Easter Egg .PNGs

There are seven versions of the of the transparent .png foil-wrapped Easter Egg Renders, which each come with their own unique decals and colour scheme.

3D Faberge Egg Render

As well as including the popular foil-wrap style chocolate Easter egg renders, we've also thrown in a luxurious Faberge Egg render!

Free 3D Easter Egg Renders on Transparent Background

In total there are 8 unique 3D Easter Egg Renders available as transparent .png downloads.


This resource is for email newsletter subscribers only. Please fill out the form below to download this content.
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