Free Vintage Microphone Renders

Add realistic vintage microphones to your work with these drag & drop transparent PNG renders.

I've had this set of free vintage microphone renders lying around on my hard drive for some time now. In fact, I've had them so long I almost forgot I had them!

Whilst digging through my trove of design resources over the week, I stumbled across this treasure and couldn't help myself but upload it to the site.

Originally I was going to release these radio mic renders exclusively for premium members, but I figured it's been a while since we had a free 3D render of this quality – so why the heck not?!

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Over the last few years I've used these microphone PNGs in dozens of freelance design projects; largely in posters and flyers for open mic nights, jazz events, comedy shows and high-end hotel bars to announce live music.

The high quality vintage style of this microphone type takes centre stage in any design. With their classy appearance, they instantly separate your designs from run-of-the-mill events at local clubs.

Personally, I find it best to use these microphone PNGs in conjunction with a flat design style. As you can see with the feature image on this post, when you have a flat background style, the microphone really jumps off the page with an incredible presence. So simple!

If you have no experience with 3D design elements, don't worry 'cause these 3D microphones come in simple .PNG format. Just drag ‘n drop them into your design and you're good to go.


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Transparent PNG Microphone Previews:

Full Transparent Microphone PNG

As you can see, these vintage microphone renders are fully transparent. Simply drag & drop them onto your Photoshop canvas – or whichever design tool you're using – and they'll slip effortlessly into your work.

High Resolution Vintage Mic Render

When I first created DesignerCandies many years ago, high resolution meant something completely different. Luckily we create our resources, like these feathers, in a high-enough resolution so they stand the test of time.

These microphone renders were made several years ago, and today they're still just as perfect for print & screen design projects.

Two Angles Included

Inside this download you'll find 4 transparent PNG files. Two of the files feature the full size microphones with stand and wire, the other two are a zoomed in version of the top section of the microphone.

Both sets of renders are in two angles, one from the left and one from the right with a slightly different tilt so they don't look unnaturally “flipped” if you want to use 2 mics in one design.

Download File

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    thank you! Ive signed up as a lifetimer . Your work is highest quality I have come across. I have a free radio show and the station is REALLY picky about poster quality. This is way beyond their expectations!

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