Falling Snow Overlays

Ahh, the temptation to call these “Snowverlays” was… strong. But I'll hold back, and name them as they are: Snow Overlays for your photos and winter themed design projects.

Considering the popularity of our Confetti Overlays and Smashed Glass Shards, I figured we should release some winter photo overlays too. As so, these snowy photo overlays were born, because what's more wintery than snow?

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Although they appear like simple brushes blurred in Photoshop, these snowflake overlays were in fact rendered using a 3D environment and varying levels of wind velocity. This is why the scenes of each overlay look incredibly realistic. It's also why there is such clear variance in wind direction, speed and foreground blurring.

You can see in the preview image below just how realistic these snow overlays look, dancing all over the page like real snow falls from the sky. So, if you're looking to add falling snow to your wintery photos, this resource is just what you need. Enjoy!

File info:

Included in this collection are 15 unique snow photo overlay files in PNG and PSD format. We included PSD as it appears the PSD files save the more intricate details. Each file is rendered at 4,000×4,000 pixels, making them extremely high resolution.


PNG Snow Overlays Preview:

PNG Snow Photo Overlays

Snow Photo Overlays PNG

Snow Photo Overlays PNG

Snow Photo Overlays PNG

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