Top 50 InDesign Flyer Templates for 2018

When I first entered the printing industry over 10 years ago, I’d never heard of InDesign flyer templates. I thought you had to create everything from scratch. Today though, there is a growing trend of professional flyer templates in INDD format to help freelance graphic designers speed up their design process.

Article last updated: 1st June, 2018.

InDesign is typically used for large scale printing jobs like magazines, brochures and catalogs, so you may be surprised at the thought of using InDesign to create flyers. In recent years though, Adobe have worked to make InDesign a more versatile and user-friendly design tool, making it easier to use for smaller design jobs like flyers & posters.

Along with improvements that make InDesign a more efficient tool for small flyer design jobs, but a growing number of InDesign flyer templates are beginning to pop up on web.

InDesign flyer templates are readymade flyer designs in INDD format which can be downloaded, edited and used as a starting point for your next graphic design job.

These InDesign flyer templates are a fantastic resource for lovers of the old-skool printing tool, and you might be surprised just how flexible some of these INDD flyer templates are.

With the explosion of the design templates market over the last 5 or so years, the focus has typically been on Photoshop. But in a drive to stand out from mediocrity, Quark and InDesign “dinosaurs” have crept out of the woodwork to start offering their own InDesign templates – especially flyers.

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Why use InDesign flyer templates?

If you take on a lot of flyer design work, these pre-designed flyer templates are a great asset to have in your graphic design toolbox (or at least bookmarked!). Likewise, for those of you frequently working with InDesign, downloading a range of available flyer and poster templates could be a time saving asset when you need them most. As an added bonus, because each of these templates are premium assets, they can be used 100% royalty free!

In this post we’ve rounded up some of our favourite flyer templates for InDesign. In our quest to create a useful round-up style resource post, we’ve included flyer templates for a wide variety of design jobs. You’ll find flyer templates for nightclub events, realtors and real estate agencies, handyman services, product businesses and more.

The business & corporate style items that InDesign is so commonly associated with are of course included in this post, but it is nonetheless interesting (and hopefully useful) to see just how many different types of flyer templates are now available for InDesign.

Note: we have taken our best care to ensure all of the InDesign flyer templates featured in this post are compatible with Adobe CS4, CS5 and CS6. However, for best results and guaranteed compatibility, upgrading to Adobe CC is your best option.

Event & Fashion Flyer Templates for InDesign

Flyer templates for events, nightclubs and fashions shows are becoming increasingly popular on graphic design stock template marketplaces.

When you mention event flyer templates to a graphic designer, the default thought is Photoshop PSD, certainly not INDD. And as expected, these designs don’t feature a style as glamorous or energetic as a typical Photoshop flyer would be. Event & fashion flyer templates for InDesign are far more reserved, clean, minimal and professional.

1. Event Flyer Template by Moscovita

InDesign Event Flyer Template

InDesign Event Flyer Template

An event flyer with a clean and minimalistic design style. File format: INDD, IDML, PDF.

2. J U N I P E R Flyer Template

INDD Flyer Template

A beautiful minimalist even flyer with a focus on large background images. Very easy to use. File format: INDD, IDML, PDF.

3. Invitation Flyer / Poster Template

InDesign Invitation Flyer Template

A modern & minimal invitation flyer template for InDesign in A4, A5 7 US letter size formats. File format: INDD, IDML, PDF.

4. Fashion Flyer Template

InDesign Fashion Flyer Template

A set of 3 unique designs, each with a minimal style ideal for promoting fashion shows and boutiques. File format: INDD, Ai, PSD.

5. Postcard Flyer Template

InDesign Postcard Flyer Template

4 stylish landscape postcard templates with a clean and minimal design style. File format: INDD, Ai, PSD.

6. Fashion Flyer Template v2

Fashion Flyer Template for InDesign

Another 3 flexible fashion flyers with minimal design style by Timphan Co. File format: INDD, Ai, PSD.

7. Fashion Postcards / Flyers

Fashion Postcards for InDesign

Three stunning fashion-event focussed flyers with a spectacular vogue design style. File format: INDD, Ai, PSD.

Postcard Fashion Flyers Vol.2

INDD Fashion Postcards

Clean, beautiful & product-focussed fashion flyers in a convenient postcard size. File format: INDD, Ai, PSD.

8. Berry Product Sheet Template

InDesign Product Sheet Template

Ultra-minimal product listing sheet / advertisement template for Adobe InDesign. File format: INDD, IDML.

9. Postcard Flyer

Postcard Flyer for InDesign

Four simply INDD flyer templates for events, fashion labels and product promotions. File format: INDD, Ai, PSD.

10. Klambi Fashion Flyer Template

Klambi Fashion Flyer Template for InDesign

An Indesign flyer template for product retailers, individuals and companies wishing to promote their products. File format: INDD, Ai, PSD.

11. Elegant InDesign Flyer

Elegant InDesign Flyer Template

An elegant indesign flyer template which comes in both A4 7 standard US paper size. File format: INDD, IDML.

Corporate / Business Flyer Templates for InDesign

InDesign is a very corporate-focussed design tool, and because of this, it’s no surprise to see such a large number of corporate and business style INDD flyer templates available on the market.

There are literally hundreds of different templates to choose from, but we’ve sifted through them for you to highlight which we think are the best. If you disagree, let us know in the comments!

12. Flyers by BOXKAYU

InDesign Flyers

Part of the ‘H+1 Collection', includes 3 unique and highly stylish designs in A4 7 US sizes. File format: INDD.

13. Corporate Flyer Template for InDesign

Corporate InDesign Flyer Template

Simple, pure & highly functional InDesign flyers for corporate style design projects. File format: INDD, Ai, PSD.

14. Clean Corporate Flyer

Clean Corporate InDesign Flyer Template

A corporate / business style flyer design suitable for a large range of projects. File format: INDD, Ai, PSD.

15. Corporate / Business Flyer Template

Corporate / Business InDesign Flyer Template

Multifunctional INDD flyer templates for projects in need of a corporate / business twist. File format: INDD, Ai, PSD.

16. Corporate Flyer Vol.2

Corporate / Business InDesign Flyer Template

A clean & functional business flyer template. Ideal for corporate clients. File format: INDD, Ai, PSD.

17. Corporate / Business Flyer Template vol.3

Business Flyer Templates INDD

Minimal A4/A5 INDD flyer template for professional business services and corporate clients. File format: INDD, Ai, PSD, PDF.

18. Product Flyer Ads

InDesign Product Flyer Template

InDesign Product Flyer Template

Highly flexible flyer templates for advertising multiple product offers. File format: INDD.

19. Creative Business Flyer

Creative Business Flyer for InDesign

Bright orange flyer template with an eye-catching but effect design style. Ideal for corporate / business clients. File format: INDD.

20. Jewellery Shop InDesign Flyer Template

Jewellery Shop InDesign Flyer Template

Whilst this template is intended for jewellery shops, the editable could quite easily be repurposed for any type of product promotion. File format: INDD.

21. Fitness DL Flyer Template

DL Fitness Flyer Template

A pocket-sized DL flyer with an incredibly professional design style. Highly recommend. File format: INDD.

22. Travel Agency Flyer Template

Travel Agency Flyer Template for InDesign

A great design for promoting travel agencies, tour guides and holiday packages. File format: INDD.

23. InDesign Menu / Flyer Template

InDesign Food Flyer Template

Quickly create menus and flyers for local cafes with this readymade template for InDesign. File format: INDD.

24. Multipurpose Business Flyer Templates

Multipurpose Business Flyer Templates for InDesign

A set of 6 fantastic flyers & posters for InDesign. Useful in a wide variety of business design jobs. File format: INDD.

25. Corporate Flyer / Ad Template

Corporate Flyer / Ad for InDesign

A set of 6 fantastic flyers & posters for InDesign. Useful in a wide variety of business design jobs. File format: INDD.

26. Multipurpose Corporate Flyers Vol.2

Multipurpose Corporate InDesign Flyers

Multipurpose InDesign flyer templates for corporate clients. A great resource to have! File format: INDD.

Real Estate Flyer Templates for InDesign

Real estate is another key market for designers who prefer using InDesign. The clean real estate window cards and repetitive work of creating the same design over and over again for different properties can be shortened with the use of a good template.

Every designer has their own style and every realtor their own brand, but with this collection of INDD real estate flyers you’re sure to find something to your liking.

27. Real Estate Flyer Templates

Real Estate Flyer Templates for InDesign

An impressive set of real estate flyer templates in one package. Perfect for realtors and real estate agencies. File format: INDD.

28. Real Estate Flyer

InDesign Real Estate Flyer Templates

A set of 3 real estate flyers for InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. File format: INDD, PSD, Ai, PDF.

29. Premium Real Estate Flyers

Premium Real Estate Flyer Template

A set of 3 real estate flyers for InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. File format: INDD, PSD, Ai, PDF.

30. Real Estate Flyer

INDD Real Estate Flyers

3 Ultra premium realtor flyers ideal for high end property sales and marketing. File format: INDD, PSD, Ai.

31. Clear & Simple Real Estate Flyer

Realtor Flyers for INDD

A clean and clear property marketing sheet with a focus on text based information. File format: INDD.

32. Real Estate Flyer by Ahsanjaya

Realtor Flyer Template InDesign

A set of 3 highly flexible, functional and very easy to utilise templates for real estate agents. File format: INDD, PSD, Ai.

33. Real Estate Agent Flyer

Real Estate Flyer Template

Flexible real estate agent flyer with everything you need to represent a realty brand. File format: INDD, PSD, Ai.

34. Real Estate Business Flyer

Real Estate Business Flyer Template

A landscape real estate business flyer template ideal for one-property advertisements and hand outs. File format: INDD, PSD, Ai.

35. Real Estate Flyer

Simple Real Estate Flyer for InDesign

Clean & minimal real estate templates ideal for high-end property marketing and vacation rentals. File format: INDD, PSD.

36. Real Estate Postcard Template

Real Estate Postcard Template for InDesign

Pocket-sized real estate postcard template ideal for quick hand outs and promotions. File format: INDD.

37. Real Estate Luxurius Flyer

Luxurious Real Estate Flyer Template

Full-page realty advertisement template with plenty of space for photos and text. A great choice! File format: INDD.

38. Modern Properties Catalog Template

Modern Property Catalog Template for InDesign

Not exactly a flyer, but this modern property catalog template is ideal for any designer who regularly uses InDesign. File format: INDD.

39. Real Estate Flyers

Real Estate Marketing Flyer Template

This set of templates includes a property marketing flyer, real estate ad flyer & a listings flyer template. File format: INDD.

40. Real Estate Corporate Flyer Template

Property Marketing Flyer Template

A bold flyer design ideal for property marketing. Plenty of space for images with easily adjustable colours. File format: INDD, PSD.

41. High-End Real Estate Flyer Template

High-End Real Estate Flyer Template

Possibly the most professional & high-end real estate flyer for InDesign I have come across yet. Brilliant File format: INDD.

Church Flyer Templates for InDesign

InDesign church flyer templates are not just flyers. They’re programs, advertisements, funeral brochures, wedding posters, service announcements and more.

It may seem odd to include Church related content in this post, but the church is a big part of many communities around the world. And as so, they become an important client for many designers, even if their work is pro-bono.

These church flyer templates for InDesign will help you speed up those pro-bono jobs so you can get projects finished in time for Sunday service (or so you can get out for a beer on time!)

42. Church Bulletin & Connect Flyer Template

Church Bulletin Templates for InDesign

Very simple but highly effective flyers for churches to use in service as promos or bulletins. File format: INDD.

43. Tender Memory Funeral Program Template

InDesign Funeral Program

A traditional style funeral program template with dark colour scheme and gold accents. File format: INDD.

44. Community Service Print Templates Bundle

Community Group Flyer Templates

4 very clean and minimal flyer templates for community groups and services. Ideal for those looking to recreate high-end professional designs. File format: INDD.

45. 4 Church Flyer Templates

4 Church Flyer Templates for InDesign

4 beautiful flyer templates for today's modern churches. Very professional. File format: INDD.

46. Church Print Templates Bundle

Modern Church Flyer Templates for InDesign

Potentially the best InDesign flyer templates I've seen yet, especially for churches. File format: INDD.

47. Cherry Blossom Funeral Brochure Template

Cherry Blossom Funeral Flyer Template

Although this item is more of a program / brochure, it's a5 design size means it could easily be used as flyers. File format: INDD.

48. Wedding Flyer Template

Wedding Flyer for InDesign

A very clean & minimal flyer template for weddings and wedding photographers. File format: INDD.

49. 4 Church Flyers vol. 2

Church Poster Templates for InDesign

Another set of highly professional INDD templates for churches looking to shake off their tired and traditional image. File format: INDD.

50. What INDD flyer templates did we miss?

Over the past half-decade the explosion of readymade templates for Adobe products has been an incredible opportunity for graphic designers. But with that said, the Indesign sector has been noticeably slower to catch up. This could be due to InDesign’s more complex templating procedure (i.e stylesheets), or maybe because InDesign users are more “purist” or professional.

Regardless of how much you do or do not like templates, there’s no denying they can be a useful tool. A good INDD template can be the difference on spending 3 hours on a flyer design, or 30 minutes.

So I pass the baton over to you. We’ve rounded up (what we think are) 50 of the best InDesign flyer templates. Do you agree? Do you think there are any items we have missed? If so, leave a link to your favourite INDD flyers in the comments below.



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