Top 50 InDesign Flyer Templates

I first posted this article back in 2017, listing what was then a fantastic collection of InDesign Flyer Templates. However, as the years have past, design tastes have changed and the range of available templates has markedly improved.

So, today I have revamped this article for 2021 with a completely new list of flyer templates for Adobe Design – and believe me when I say these are the best of the best!.

Carefully selected from our go-to stock site, Adobe Stock, each of these professional flyer templates come in the ready-to-edit INDD format.

InDesign is typically used for large scale printing jobs like magazines, brochures and catalogs, so you may be surprised at the thought of using InDesign to create flyers. In recent years though, Adobe have worked to make InDesign a more versatile and user-friendly design tool, making it easier to use for smaller design jobs like flyers & posters.

Along with improvements that make InDesign a more efficient tool for small flyer design jobs, the growing number of InDesign flyer templates continue to make our lives as designers easier.

InDesign flyer templates are readymade flyer designs in INDD format which can be downloaded, edited and used as a starting point for your next graphic design job.

With the explosion of the design templates market over the last 5 or so years, the focus has typically been on Photoshop. But in a drive to stand out from mediocrity, Quark and InDesign “dinosaurs” have crept out of the woodwork to start offering their own InDesign templates – especially flyers.

Why use InDesign flyer templates?

If you take on a lot of flyer design work, these pre-designed flyer templates are a great asset to have in your graphic design toolbox (or at least bookmarked!). Likewise, for those of you frequently working with InDesign, downloading a range of available flyer and poster templates could be a time saving asset when you need them most. As an added bonus, because each of these templates are premium assets, they can be used 100% royalty free!

In this post we’ve rounded up some of our favourite flyer templates for InDesign. In our quest to create a useful round-up style resource post, we’ve included flyer templates for a wide variety of design jobs. You’ll find flyer templates for events, realtors and real estate agencies, handyman services, product businesses, corporate clients and more.

The business & corporate style items that InDesign is so commonly associated with are of course included in this post, but it is nonetheless interesting (and hopefully useful) to see just how many different types of flyer templates are now available for InDesign.

Note: as all of these templates are selected from Adobe Stock, if you are using the latest version of Adobe InDesign CC, compatibility is guaranteed and all required fonts will load automatically. How cool is that!?

1. Business Flyer Layout with Blue Accents

InDesign INDD Business Flyer Template with Blue AccentsinDesign INDD Business Flyer Templates

This modern business flyer template for InDesign balances a highly practical layout with impressive corporate style. Comes with three unique page layouts.

2. Brunch Cafe Flyer Layout

INDD Brunch Cafe Flyer for InDesign

A vibrant InDesign flyer template for brunch cafes & restaurants with stylish typography and image placeholders.

3. Blue & White Flyer Layout Set

Blue & White InDesign Business Flyer TemplatesBlue & White InDesign Business Flyer Templates

A set of simple but practical flyer design layouts in InDesign INDD format. The simplistic use of image masks and plentiful text areas makes these templates ideal for a wide range of businesses.

4. Business Flyer Layout with Pink Accents

Pink & Grey InDesign Flyer Template

Bright pink accents add visual contrast and energetic undertones to this set of simple, clean & minimal business flyer templates for InDesign.

5. Hotel Travel Flyer Template INDD

Hotel Flyer Template in INDD InDesign FormatHotel Flyer Template in INDD InDesign Format

With its practical image and text layout options, this InDesign hotel flyer template is useful for a wide range of businesses, even outside the travel & tourism industry.

6. Creative InDesign Flyer TemplateE

Creative InDesign Flyer Template

Diagonal lines and a modern colour scheme bring a creative flair to this InDesign flyer template. Ideal for a variety of creative business projects.

7. Blue Business Flyer / Newsletter

Blue Business Flyer / Newsletter INDD for InDesign

Blue Business Flyer / Newsletter INDD for InDesign

This 3-page collection of blue business flyer templates for InDesign also doubles-up as a newsletter, thanks to its corporate style and heavy use of type layouts.

8. Creative Business Flyer INDD

Creative Business Flyer INDDCreative Business Flyer INDD

Once again, here we have a strikingly creative business flyer for InDesign with both practical type layout and artistic image placement. Who said corporate flyers for InDesign had to be boring? Nobody!

9. Simple InDesign Business Flyer with Modern Style

Simple InDesign Business Flyer Template

Simple InDesign Business Flyer Template

The simplicity of this INDD flyer template does not take away from its value: in fact, it quite heavily adds to it. Includes both front and back page layouts, each as practical as the other.

10. Business Flyer INDD

Business Flyer INDDBusiness Flyer INDD

This simple business flyer indd file comes with two unique page layouts and some bonus icon illustrations.

11. InDesign Restaurant Flyer with QR Code

InDesign Restaurant Flyer Template with QR Code

This InDesign restaurant flyer template is the perfect way to promote hands-free menus or social media check-ins thanks to its prominent use of QR Codes.

12. Multipurpose Modern Business Flyer for InDesign

Multipurpose Modern InDesign Business Flyer Template

Multipurpose Modern InDesign Business Flyer Template

When it comes to templates, the more flexible the layout, the more useful it is to you as a designer – and few InDesign business flyer templates are as flexible as this one.

13. Grey, White & Red InDesign Flyer Templates

Grey White & Red InDesign Business Flyer TemplatesGrey White & Red InDesign Business Flyer Templates

Here's another impressive item by artist TypoEdition. Once again his work is clean, modern and highly practical, brining a modern style to his INDD flyers without sacrificing the overall corporate theme.

14. White & Blue Business Flyer Template

White & Blue Business Flyer Template (INDD, InDesign)

White & Blue Business Flyer Template (INDD, InDesign)

Big and bold, but still clean and elegant. This set of three business flyer templates for InDesign by TypoEdition will be a timeless addition to your designer's toolkit.

15. InDesign Flyer Template with Photo Placeholders

InDesign Flyer Template with Photo Placeholder

This super simple InDesign flyer template is ideal for when you need to create a quick indd flyer without too much styling. Simply paste in an image and some text and you're ready to hit print.

16. Minimal InDesign Flyer Layout with Yellow Accents

Minimal InDesign Flyer Template with Yellow Accents

The soft yellow accents contrasts the minimal layout in this impressive type-focused flyer template for Adobe InDesign.

17. Bold Real Estate Flyer Template

Real Estate Flyer Template for InDesign

This bold red real estate flyer template for Adobe InDesign helps you to create property listing sheets and open house announcements with just a few minutes editing.

18. Light Blue InDesign Flyer Template

Light Blue InDesign Flyer TemplateLight Blue InDesign Flyer Templates

This light blue flyer template for Adobe InDesign is a truly multifunctional template. Don't just use it to make flyers, as this handy INDD file can make flyers, posters, newsletters and even be used as brochure pages.

19. Business Flyer Layouts

INDD Business Flyer Layouts

This impress set of business flyer layouts for InDesign brings together photos, infographic elements and plenty of space for text.

20. Creative Event Flyer Template

Creative Event Flyer Template (INDD, InDesign)

This creative event flyer template for InDesign features a photo image grid with overlapping text elements and small illustrations.

21. Minimal Business Flyer INDD

Minimal Business Flyer INDD

This INDD flyer template is all about minimalism, featuring a large header image and text areas surrounded by clear whitespace. Perfect for artistic events such as photography exhibitions and fashion shows.

22. Multipurpose Flyer Layout for InDesign

Multipurpose Flyer Layout for InDesign

With its multipurpose layout, spacious text areas and practical image grid, this InDesign flyer with come in useful time and time again – definitely one to keep on your hard drive!

23. INDD Flyer Template with Yellow Accent

INDD Flyer Layout with Yellow Accent

The bold yellow accents in this INDD flyer template certainly draw your attention, but cleverly they don't overwhelm the page. This design is a suitable choice for a wide range of creative industries, such as architects & photography studios.

24. Modern Corporate Flyer Template

Modern Corporate Flyer Template for InDesign

Modern Corporate Flyer Template for InDesign

Soft gradients bring a modern touch to the colour blocks in this corporate flyer template for Adobe InDesign. The layout is practical and can be used for just about any type of design project.

25. Corporate Event Seminar Flyer Template

Corporate Event Seminar Flyer Template (InDesign INDD)

In this corporate event flyer template, a bold swash brings energetic colours to the page whilst cleverly wrapping an image mask. Available in INDD format.

26. Black & Gold InDesign Flyer Template

Black & Gold InDesign Flyer Template

The black and gold colour scheme used in this InDesign Flyer Template makes it a well-suited option to financial clients such as investment firms and banks.

27. INDD Product Flyer Template for InDesign

InDesign Product Flyer Template

A big headline and bold yellow colouring ensures the message in this INDD product flyer is hard to miss. Although all colours are of course editable, the use of bright yellow makes this design particularly well-suited to hardware stores and industrial products.

28. Product / Service InDesign Flyer Template

Product / Service Flyer Template for InDesign

Here we have another multifunctional flyer template for your indesign projects. Featuring a mix of photo and text placeholders across two pages, you'll create professional flyers for your clients in just a matter of minutes.

29. Simple INDD Business Flyer Template

Simple INDD Business Flyer Template

Simple INDD Business Flyer Template

This simple INDD Business flyer template showcases impressive typography and layout skills. Although the design appears simple at first glance, this is actually a highly practical template that can be used for any type of InDesign project.

29. Pink Cosmetic Service Flyer Template

Pink Cosmetic Service Flyer Template INDD

The pink colour scheme with thin geometric lines makes this design an ideal choice for cosmetic services and beauty salons. Furthermore, the simple image masks and clean text layouts makes customising the template quick and easy.

31. Corporate InDesign Flyer Template for Business Expos & Seminars

Corporate InDesign Flyer for Business Expos & Seminars

Trendy patterns and hexagonal shapes bring a decidedly modern feel to this Corporate flyer template for InDesign.

32. Handyman Construction Service InDesign Flyer Template

Handyman Construction Service InDesign Flyer Template

Handyman Construction Service InDesign Flyer Template

Although we've featured a lot of generalised creative business flyers, this handyman flyer deserves to make the list. As equally useful as its counterparts, but this time with slightly more niche styling.

33. Mobile App InDesign Flyer Template

Mobile App InDesign Flyer Template

Who said mobile applications should only be promoted online? This Mobile App Flyer Template for InDesign brings old-school marketing methods to new-school technology.

34. Open House InDesign Flyer Template

Open House Real Estate Flyer Template for Adobe InDesign

Create vibrant eye-catching flyers for realtors, real estate promotions and open houses with this easy to use template for Adobe InDesign.

35. Real Estate / Open House Flyer

INDD Real Estate / Open House Flyer Template

Following on with the same style as our aforementioned item, this INDD Real Estate / Open House flyer template does exactly what it says on the tin.

36. Modern Church InDesign Flyer Template

Modern Church InDesign Flyer Template

typically, church marketing resources are old, boring and traditional. Not this design. This Modern Church Flyer for InDesign features a clean, current & contemporary design that resonates with the youth of today.

37. Mobile App INDD Flyer Template

Mobile App Flyer Template INDD InDesignMobile App Flyer Template INDD InDesign

Another Mobile App Flyer for InDesign, this time with multiple layouts and bold red accents. Ideal for when you want to promote mobile apps using offline promotions.

38. Creative InDesign Flyer with Pink Accents

Creative InDesign Flyer Template with Pink Accents

Creative InDesign Flyer Template with Pink Accents

Creative InDesign Flyer Templates like this one are an easy way to bring modern and creative flair to corporate style layouts.

39. Handyman / Contractor InDesign Flyer Template

Handyman Contractor InDesign Flyer Template

Although billed as a hand many flyer, this flexible INDD template could actually be used for a variety of industries. The bullet point checklist is a great way to give readers a quick overview of services offered, features & benefits.

40. Corporate InDesign Flyer Template

Modern Corporate InDesign Flyer Template

The circular patterns with subtle gradients give this corporate indesign flyer template a modern makeover. Ideal for modern tech companies and those looking to refresh tired marketing materials.

41. Medical InDesign Flyer Template

Medical InDesign Flyer Template

With its medical theme, this flyer is particular current under “new normal” circumstances. Although, with that said, the simple layout can be customised for just about anything.

42. Simple InDesign Flyer Layout

Simple InDesign Flyer Layout

Although a simple flyer by many measures, don't overlook this design's utility. Yes, it is simple, but think just how much time it'll still save you versus starting the design from scratch…

43. Travel Flyer Layout for InDesign

inDesign INDD Travel Flyer Layout

With its classic travel industry style and large pricing bubble, this flyer will come in perfect for the rebound in local tourism.

44. Clean Corporate Flyer Layout

Clean Corporate InDesign Flyer Template Layout

They say good design is invisible, and I think with this clean corporate flyer, we truly see what. Nothing is out of place, yet the canvas look minimal. Ideal for companies with an artistic edge – think interior designers, art galleries, fashion shows and photographers.

45. Blue Real Estate Flyer Layout

Blue Real Estate Flyer Layout for InDesign

This big ‘n bold flyer is a great way to get your message across to passersby or in-store customers. A variety of text layouts gives you all the options you need to clearly display your message.

46. Red Corporate Business Flyer for InDesign

Red Corporate Business InDesign Flyer Template INDD

The main text elements in this flyer & poster template come coupled with icons, helping draw the reader's eye to your message whilst also making it easy to read.

47. Green Corporate InDesign Flyer Template

Green Corporate Business Flyer for InDesign

The green colour scheme in this corporate InDesign flyer layout could be used to indicate eco environmentally friendly credentials, or changes to any other colour you desire.

48. InDesign Business Flyer with Gradients

InDesign Business flyer Template with Gradients

Cool blue gradients in this InDesign business flyer template bring a medical theme to the page. Ideal for hospitals, clinics and other medical services.

49. InDesign Flyer Templates with Geometric Symbols

InDesign Flyer Templates with Geometric Symbols

InDesign Flyer Templates with Geometric Symbols

InDesign Flyer Templates with Geometric Symbols

Our penultimate design in this epic list of indesign flyer templates comes with not one, but six unique layouts. The artistic style makes these designs well-suited to upscale companies & forward thinking education facilities.

50. Corporate Flyer Layout with Green Theme

Green Flyer InDesign INDD

Last but not least: this corporate flyer layout with green theme tops off our list of best indesign flyer templates. Its bold colours, legibility and flexible layout make it a top-choice layout for any Adobe InDesign user!

Article last updated: 21st August, 2021.

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