10 FREE Photo Booth Templates for DIY Designs

Our new free templates will help you to create professional photo booth designs in just a matter of minutes.

This week we launched our new website TemplatesBooth, to provide DIY templates for photo booth entrepreneurs.

To kick things off we've created a selection of 10 free photo booth templates to give you a sample of what's to come. In this post, we've rounded up those designs to give you a peak of just how good our content is going to be.

What are photo booth templates for?

Rental photo booths are becoming a seriously big business, and as the apps that power them become more sophisticated, photo booth operators are able to use more customised designs. That's where photo booth templates come in.

Photo booth templates enable operators to print their photo postcards and photo stips with unique designs. Oftentimes these designs will match the theme of the event that the photo booth is present at – for example, a wedding or summer party.

Why are you making photo booth templates?

As we have such a wide range of people accessing our premium content, I'm lucky enough to meet some very interesting designers.

Recently, I've been meeting quite a lot of designers who produce custom designs for photo booth owners.

These designers have joined DesignerCandies to access assets like our confetti overlays for use their photo booth designs. Subsequently, after chatting, they've asked me if I know anywhere to download free templates for photo booths.

Well, as it happens, now I do. Shall we get on with the show? Here are our first 10 free photo booth templates, now available to download in Photoshop PSD format:

1. Free Art Deco Photo Booth Template

Free Art Deco Photo Booth Templates

Glamourous, chic, elegant & upscale. These free templates capture everything the Art Deco design style is about…

2. Free Nightclub Photo Booth Template

Free Nightclub Photo Booth Templates

Quickly & easily create stylish photo booth templates for nightlife events, bars & clubs.

3. Free Wedding Photo Booth Template

Free Wedding Photo Booth Templates

As weddings are one of the most popular event types for photo booth owners, these free templates should certainly be in your toolkit!

4. Free Modern Wedding Photo Booth Template

Free Modern Wedding Photo Booth Templates

A free photo booth template for today's stylishly modern couples.

5. Free Summer Photo Booth Template

Free Summer Photo Booth Templates

Create tropical inspired photo layouts for summer parties & events with these easy-to-use templates for Photoshop.

6. Free House Warming Photo Booth Template

Free House Warming Photo Booth Templates

Stylish templates for young homeowners with chic interiors..

7. Free Holiday Party Photo Booth Template

Free Holiday Party Photo Booth Templates

This free multifunctional template is useful for a variety of holiday celebrations and upscale parties.

8. Free Kid's Birthday Party Photo Booth Template

Free Kid's Birthday Party Photo Booth Template

Offer clients custom photo booth templates for their children's parties & birthday celebrations..

9. Free Anniversary Photo Booth Template

Free Anniversary Photo Booth Templates

For outdoorsy couples who enjoy nature, these rustic templates are an ideal choice.

10. Free Elegant Wedding Photo Booth Template

Free Elegant Wedding Photo Booth Templates

Create an elegant wedding design quicker than she can walk down the aisle with this stylish free template for Photoshop.

What photo booth templates do you need?

Whether you're using these templates for your own photo booth business, or if you're a graphic designer working on behalf of a client, I hope you find them useful. With that said, though, I'd really like to hear your feedback.

What type of photo booth templates do you need in your business? Let us know in the comments and we'll get them added on TemplatesBooth. Thanks!

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  1. Hi, we’re looking for a few Western/Rustic photo booth templates (2″x6″ photo strips, 3 up), for some Stampede events coming up. Graphic idea would be cowboy hats, horses, guns, lassos, ropes, anything western & rustic works in brown/black/white colours. Often we need room for the company Logo, along with their wording. If you have anything like this, that would be awesome. Thank you for your time.

  2. Hi Adam,
    I’m just planning my photo booth business. Thinking about a webpage, business cards, flyers, templates and so on. I just found your content very helpful to starters like me. I would like to offer my future clients your premium content as an option to upgrade and customize their events.

    Thanks a lot for the freebies, I, ll be back soon with coffee and beer

  3. Hi Adam, thanks for getting back to us. We have downloaded a few of your free templates. We typically use the 2″x6″ photo strips with 3 up as many of our clients like to add a Logo along with their wording which is sometimes lengthy. Having only 3 photos per strip works best for us giving us extra space to capture everything. We love your other templates and will definitely join in sometime soon Thanks again.

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