Hand Drawn Arrow Brushes

80 Hand Drawn Arrows PS Brush Set

Need to point out a price tag or an important line of text? These arrow brushes are just the ticket! With over 80 unique hand drawn arrows to choose from you're sure to find something to fit your project.

This set of 80 free hand drawn brushes for Photoshop were inspired by the work of Orman Clark from PremiumPixels. I download his free set years ago and found them so useful I created my own which I'm now sharing with you – Funny how things go around huh?

I created these brushes by hand, scrawling them down in my notepad and then photographing from above. I then brought the photos into Photoshop to be cut out and converted into an easy to use brush set.

As well as doodling more than 80 different arrows (most were unusable thanks to my terrible photog skills), I also used a variety of pens to help produce different line styles.

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Hand Drawn Arrows in Notepad

Proof that they really were hand drawn ๐Ÿ™‚

I particularly like use hand drawn arrows in my work to point out things like prices, offers, important lines of text and so on. I also like adding the slight imperfections that you get with hand drawn content to give a more natural, human and realistic look to my designs.

Each brush varies in size, however they should be large enough to use in both print and web work. I've also included the original PNG files for those of you who don't want to use them as brushes or are going to use them in another program.

Before converting the doodles to a PS brush set, I converted them to bitmaps to give as clear a cut out as possible – so colourising the arrows should be very easy as there's very little pixel-noise.

File details:
There are 80 unique hand drawn arrows included in this download as both a Photoshop .ABR file and the original 80 transparent PNGs. As usual this download is Uncopyrighted so you are free to use it for whatever you want.

Download Free Hand Drawn Arrow Brushes

File Preview:

Free Hand Drawn Arrow Brushes

Free Hand Drawn Arrow Brushes for Photoshop

Free Hand Drawn Arrow Brushes

Free Hand Drawn Arrow Brushes for Photoshop


Download Free Hand Drawn Arrow Brushes

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