8+ Easy-To-Use Christmas Menu Templates in PSD & Vector

Whether you're a restaurant or cafe, these Christmas Menu Templates are an ideal way to create festive menus in no time at all...

Readymade Christmas Menu Templates provide a quick & easy way to add festive design to seasonal menus.

The templates are an ideal choice for restaurants, cafes, bistros and hotels, or any other eatery offering Christmas dinner specials.

(psst.. I've updated this article with new menus for 2019-2020)

As both a graphic designer and a restaurant owner, I'd like to think I know a thing or two about choosing a good template – especially when it comes to menus. The designs I've chosen in the list below are particularly useful to restauranteurs and designers alike. I have selected templates that'll need minimal customisation to create a finished menu layout. In fact, for most of the designs you simply need to edit the text and you'll be ready to print.

Why You Should Use a Christmas Menu Template

You may wonder how a Christmas menu design can benefit a food business, but the answer is somewhat simple.

Just as restaurants display holiday themed decorations, a custom Christmas menu adds to the overall festive experience. It's one of those small touches that adds to improve the overall feeling of hospitality. (It's the sort of thing you wouldn't get when eating Xmas dinner at your mom's).

In years gone by, the a small task of creating a custom Christmas menu would be a little more challenging. You'd need to hire a professional designer or design your own menu from scratch. Gladly that's now a thing of past. Thanks to these easy-to-use Christmas menu templates, creating festive menus is now easier than ever.

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Are these templates easy to use?

The simple answer: yes! You'll need either Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator (free trial download available) to use these templates. Each template comes in either Photoshop PSD or EPS / Vector format (some, like those from BrandPacks, come in both formats).

Even if you're not accustomed to using Photoshop or Illustrator, you'll be able to customise these templates and create your own Christmas menu. The designs and layouts are simple enough that all is required from you is to edit the text.

So, let's get on with the show – here's my 8 favourite Christmas Menu Templates for anyone who needs 'em. Enjoy!

1. Christmas Menu Templates

Christmas Menu Templates

Christmas DL Menu Templates

These Christmas Menu Templates balance practical design with an ornate, festive style.

2. Christmas Menus Vol.2

Christmas Menu Templates Vol.2

Christmas Lunch Flyer Template

Beautifully decorated by hand with illustrated festive elements, this is an ideal menu layout for set Christmas lunches.

3. Christmas Menu Template Vol.3

Christmas Menu Templates Vol.3

DL Christmas Menus Vol.3

Elegant Christmas Menu Templates with a touch of festive colour; perfect for upscale restaurants & eateries.

4. Rustic Christmas Menu Templates

Rustic Christmas Menu Templates

Rustic Christmas DL Menu Card Template

Decorated with rustic illustrations of wintertime berries & dried foliage, the design is elegant & practical.

5. Ornate Christmas Menus

Ornate Christmas Menu Template

Ornate Christmas DL Menu Template

Classic Christmas colours of red & gold, with Ornate illustrations of snowflakes & Christmas trees.

6. Food Menu, Restaurant Flyer 14

Christmas Menu Layout Templates

Bright with Christmas red colours, packed with fun & festive illustrations, these menu layouts are perfect for Christmas dinner parties.

7. Food Menu, Restaurant Flyer 23

Landscape Christmas Menu Template

With their unusual colour scheme, these Christmas Menus offer an alternative twist for those who want to stand out.

8. Food Menu, Restaurant Flyer 21

Christmas Restaurant Menu Template

Fun, friendly & easy-to-read; this Christmas Menu layout is ideal for local restaurants & cafes.

9. Special Christmas Menu

Special Christmas Menu Template

Special Christmas Menu Template

This special Christmas Menu Template is for exactly that – adding a splash of festivity to Christmas specials at restaurants and cafes.

10. Special Christmas Menu 2

Fun Christmas Menu Flyer Template

This menu style flyer template is perfect for takeaways and food trucks to promote Christmas specials or simply add some seasonal flare to existing menus.

Did we miss a template?

Well, these are my favourite Christmas Menu Templates, but perhaps you know some better? If you know a good quality Christmas Menu that you'd like people to find, let us know with a link in the comments!

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