Neon Scenes: 20 Abstract Backgrounds

Bring atmospheric depth into your work with these bright, bold and abstract neon scene backgrounds. Slowly fading into darkness, each scene draws in the eye whilst eliciting a darkened sense of the underground.

The electric neon glare provides contrast and texture, resulting in a satisfyingly balanced yet exciting set of images.

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And although crafted to be intriguing visual backdrops, we’ve kept the scenes as singular as possible – ensuring they only ever add to your work, and never detract from subjects or text placed on top.

Ideal for website backgrounds, banner ads and nightclub flyers, these neon scenes provide you with a unique alternative to standard textures. Take them for a spin and let us know what you think!

File info:
There are 20 unique scenes in this collection of abstract neon backgrounds. Each image is an impressive 2,000×1,000 pixels, making them ideal for both web and print items.

The images use contrasting colours so that in Photoshop – or other graphic design tools – you can use adjustment layers such as hue, colour balance or mixer to further edit the colours to fit your project needs.


Neon Scenes: Abstract Neon Background Textures:

Neon Scenes Abstract Neon Background Images

Neon Scenes Abstract Neon Background Images



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