Asian Lanterns PNG Renders

Add Asian design elements to your work with these realistic Chinese Lantern PNGs in 4K HD resolution.

I know this might be somewhat of a niche resource, but hey, that's what we do here, right!?

Well, As with all of our resources, they're often the result of spare-of-the-moment ideas or tidbits that I need in my own personal client work.

And as it happens, I've been working on a bunch of Asian-influenced design projects of late, and just like our recent Bamboo Patterns, these PNG lanterns are an ideal add-on for Asian inspired design work.

In particular, the traditional style of these lanterns makes them perfect for Chinese & Japanese style projects, like Chinese New Year and other Asian festivals.

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Each of these lanterns has been rendered with a neutral light and matte finish, giving them a texture typical of paper lanterns, whilst making it easy for you to add gradient overlays for realistic glows.

Inside the download, I've included a couple of example PSDs to show you how to I achieve this glowing effect. It is also demonstrated in the animated GIF below.

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Asian Lanterns PNGs – Previews:

Example Lantern

In the above example GIF, you can see how I've added drop shadows, gradient overlays and inner glows to add a realistic glowing effect to the lantern.

High Resolution PNG Lantern

Each lantern png is rendered in HD 4K resolution, making them suitable for large scale designs, in both print and screen formats.

Asian Lantern PNGs

There are 5 different lantern types – particularly Chinese Lanterns and Japanese Lanterns – each rendered in 3 different angles.

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