Best Coffee Cup And Mug Mockup Templates for Photoshop

There’s no better way to show clients your designs than in real-life settings. Coffee cup mockups are a great way to showcase your creative designs.

Why use a coffee cup and mug mockup?

Working with a coffee shop or cafe? Showcase their brand designs on mugs in a recognisable environment for an instant connection.

Developing merchandise ideas for clients' events? Help them buy into your vision by showing them how it will look on a real coffee cup.

Hot drinks brand? Their brand on a mug mockup is not only perfect for them but for their audience too.

Takeaway coffee cart? Put their brand options on a trio of coffee mugs so that they can compare and contrast!

We have gathered a large collection of coffee cup mockups for photoshop templates. Single mugs, collections of mugs in a wide variety of colours and settings.

You are guaranteed to find one to meet your needs.:

1. Mug Mockup


Mug Mockup

Keep it simple – a single coffee mug on a solid coloured background.

2. 2 Mug Cups Mockup


2 Mug Cups Mockup

A duo of coffee mugs meeting in a ‘cheers’.

3. Mockup of a Ceramic Mug


Mockup of a Ceramic Mug

Two mugs, one leaning on the other and an editable background.

4. Mug Mockup


Mug Mockup

One large handled mug on a white adjustable background.

5. Cardboard Box with Mug Mockup


Cardboard Box with Mug Mockup

Coffee cup in a box, apply your branding to both.

6. Ceramic Mug Mockups


Ceramic Mug Mockups

Modern rounded pair of ceramic mugs.

7. Mockup of a Metal Mug Design


Mockup of a Metal Mug Design

Funky metal mug.

8. Clear Glass Mug Mockup


Clear Glass Mug Mockup

Simple clear glass mug.

9. Maquettes mugs émaillés sur table


Maquettes mugs émaillés sur table

Rustic metal mugs on a wooden table.

10. 2 Front Coffee Mugs Mockup


2 Front Coffee Mugs Mockup

Pair of front facing coffee cups.

11. Coffee Bag with Mug Mockup


Coffee Bag with Mug Mockup

Stylish coffee cup and saucer next to a coffee bag.

12. Editable Mug Design Mockup


Editable Mug Design Mockup

Single mug with marble effect design.

13. Teal Mug Mockup


Teal Mug Mockup

Aesthetic teal mug on a natural wooden coaster next to a succulent and iphone.

14. Coffee Mug Design Mockup


Coffee Mug Design Mockup

Distinctive trendy coffee cup with a protruding lip.

15. Yellow Mug Mockup


Yellow Mug Mockup

Single yellow mug on a natural wooden coaster featuring a smartphone.

16. Coffee Cup Mockup


Coffee Cup Mockup

Full coffee cup and saucer in an outdoor cafe setting.

17. Mockup Mug Flowers


Mockup Mug Flowers

Single coffee mug set in a circle of pink lilies.

18. Ceramic Coffee Mug Mockup


Ceramic Coffee Mug Mockup

Simple, large mug suspended in the air.

19. Coffee Mug Mockup by the Campsite


Coffee Mug Mockup by the Campsite

Great outdoors, metal mug with coffee being poured into it on a campsite.

20. Pastel Blue Paper Cup Mockup


Pastel Blue Paper Cup Mockup

One simple take away coffee mug.

21. 3 Coffee Cups Mockup


3 Coffee Cups Mockup

A trio of small medium and large cardboard take away coffee cups.

22. Three Paper Cups Mockup


Three Paper Cups Mockup

Three paper take away coffee cups.

23. 4 Takeout Coffee Cup Mockups


4 Takeout Coffee Cup Mockups

Four takeaway coffee cups, optional artsy design.

24. Paper Coffee Cup Mockup


Paper Coffee Cup Mockup

Fashionable take away coffee cup, with natural leaf designs.

25. Paper Cup Mockup


Paper Cup Mockup

Two paper cups, cute stripey design in different sizes.

26. 3 Coffee Mugs Mockup


3 Coffee Mugs Mockup

Three coffee mugs with options for design area.

27. 2 Paper Cup and Lid Mockups


2 Paper Cup and Lid Mockups

Two take away coffee cups, one lid on, one off.

28. Coffee Cup with Coffee Beans Mockup


Coffee Cup with Coffee Beans Mockup

TClassy coffee mug and saucer set next to coffee beans.

29. Realistic Paper Cup with Lid Mockup


Realistic Paper Cup with Lid Mockup

One large bold take away coffee cup.

30. Realistic Mugs Mockup


Realistic Mugs Mockup

Two coffee cups at jaunty angles.

Final thoughts: Best Coffee Cup And Mug Mockup Templates for Photoshop

It can be hard for our clients to envisage your designs, placing them on real objects, in real situations help them to share your vision. These coffee cup mockups let you show your client the impact your designs can have in the real-world.

This collection has almost every variety of coffee cup psd mockup you could ever need! Single, duo and trios of mugs, ceramic mugs, metal mugs, take away cups. And in a variety of settings – in cafes, the great outdoors and next to coffee packs or beans.

We are always looking for ways to make your design projects easier and we hope that this collection can give you ideas and inspiration. Do come back soon to check for our next collection.

We love to hear from you too, share any templates you have found, comments or thoughts below!

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