The Auto Parts Pack

Chrome rims, chrome mufflers, chrome car lights - welcome to another episode of Pimp My Design!

Pit stop! So you work on automobile related work huh? Well haven't we got a treat for you: The DesignerCandies Auto Parts Pack. Packed with car themed goodies for pimping out your car related design projects.

I'm constantly asked to take on work relating to automobiles and the car industry. Car shows, garages, repair shops, one-man-mechanics, luxury mod centres etc.

A great way I've found to make it clear that an advertisement is offering car customisation, cleaning and / or repair: a shiny set of rims right on the front of the design.

I mean… that's outside of actually putting a big image of a car on the page (because that would also make it kind obvious, right?).

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So what does the Auto Parts Pack by DesignerCandies include? Well it's more than just rims. Using our tidy collection of auto related gear, you can pimp out your design projects with wheels, rims, mufflers / exhausts and two different kinds of lighting.

All in chrome, as standard.

Everything that's included in the Auto Parts Pack can be seen in the above and below images. Unlike many of our other free 3D render packs we've kept this one to a smaller selection of parts.

The chrome texturing and high detail you see on these car parts makes rendering them a timely job – so depending on the success and feedback we get from this, depends on whether we'll follow it up with version 2.

Let us know in the comments 😉

File details:

Each render included in the Auto Parts Pack is around 1,000px by 1,000px in height and width, rendered at a high 300dpi resolution. These renders are great for both print and web related work.

The Auto Parts Pack Preview:

3D Chrome Rim Render Png

A stunning high resolution 3D chrome car whell render (or ‘rim'). Perfect for pimping out car related design projects!

3D car wheel with tyre png

After a little more than a naked rim? Here we have an incredibly realistic looking 3D car wheel, complete with type and all!

3D Chrome Exhaust Muffler

What auto parts pack would be complete without an exhaust / muffler?

3D Car Light Renders

These 3D car light renders will help shine some light on your automobile related design work. Great for sticking on the exterior of cars and now your design projects!

Car Light Render .Png

A second vintage style light renders is included in this pack, this one resembling a vintage style light and/or the type of light you see attached to exterior lighting rigs on jeeps and off roaders.

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