25 Best DSLR Booth Templates

Despite the popularity of DSLR Booth amongst photo booth owners, the availability of readymade templates remains somewhat scarce. With that said, though, photo booth template creators are beginning to offer an increasing number of DSLR booth templates for different occasions.

With events like weddings, birthdays & corporate seminars resuming after the recent downturn, photo booth rentals are again picking up in popularity. And with DSLR Booth being such a popular choice already, these readymade templates are sure to come in handy.

For this post, we have put together an ultimate list of the 25 best DSLR booth templates. From layouts for romantic wedding moments to fun, playful templates for parties and birthdays, this article is full of top-notch designs.

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Without further ado, let us explore the best DSLR booth templates:

1. Minimal Deco Photo Booth Template

Minimal Art Deco DSLR Booth Template

As one of the most popular photo booth templates for weddings on the market, Minimal Deco isn’t to be missed in this selection. The package includes three layouts (4×6” and 2×6”) available in PSD and DSLR Booth formats. So if you’re looking for a minimalistic, elegant template for weddings and anniversaries, there’s nothing better than Minimal Deco.

2. Rustic Wedding Photo Booth Template

Rustic Wedding DSLR Booth Template

As the name suggests, the Rustic Wedding photo booth template uses a client-favourite rustic style. Although the template is ideal for weddings, its traditional style makes it suitable for numerous designs and occasions. The set includes three layouts (4×6” and 2×6”) in Photoshop PSD & DSLR Booth format.

3. Wedding Flowers Photo Booth Template

Floral Wedding DSLR Booth Template

If minimal Art Deco themes is not your cup of tea, Wedding Flowers Photo Booth Template is a fantastic alternative. The template design includes a clean floral style with gorgeous intertwined flowers around the edges of each layout. In addition to the unique 4×6” and 2×6” layouts, the file also includes a square template for Snappic and iPad applications. All templates are available in Photoshop and DSLR Booth formats.

4. Brushed Chic Photo Booth Template

Brushed Chic DSLR Booth Template

If you need a modern yet fun photo booth template that can be used for numerous events, Brushed Chic is the booth design for you. The layouts are fully customizable, meaning you can change the colors, text, and graphics – right inside the DSLR Booth app.

5. Birthday Pastel Photo Booth Template

Birthday Pastel DSLR Booth Template

Birthday Pastel is one of our favorite photo booth templates for birthdays. It features a modern, playful style. For this reason, it is perfect for events such as children’s birthday parties, school events, etc. The bundle includes three 4×6” and 2×6” layouts that can be used in Photoshop or DSLR Booth.

6. Rose Gold Photo Booth Template

Rose Gold DSLR Booth Template

Elegant geometric designs are always in fashion. That is why the Rose Gold Photo Booth template is one of the most eye-catching and modern booth layouts on the market. Although you can use the template for different events, it really makes the difference for weddings.

7. After Party Photo Booth Template

After Party DSLR Booth Template

After Party is a different DSLR booth template than the ones described above. Its energetic and fun style makes it ideal for college parties, nightlife events, nightclubs, etc. The template combines a modern pattern and white and gold colors for creating long-lasting memories.

8. Pink Gold Photo Booth Template

Pink Gold DSLR Booth Template

Pink Gold is one of the most flexible and modern photo booth templates on the market. To be precise, the modern pattern and gorgeous colors make it suitable for numerous events. So whether you are organizing a wedding or a birthday party, Pink Gold will make sure that your clients are impressed.

9. Together Forever Photo Booth Template

Minimal White DSLR Booth Template

Together Forever is a top-tier choice for those looking for a modern, romantic photo booth template. With a simple, clean style, this template is perfect for numerous occasions, from teen birthdays to high-school events or even weddings. The bundle comes in Photoshop PSD format.

10. Art Deco Wedding Photo Booth Template

Art Deco DSLR Booth Template

As one of the most popular luxurious, modern styles, Art Deco has always been in fashion. Likewise, the brand new Art Deco template is ideal for numerous events like weddings and New Year’s Eve. The set includes three layouts that can be used in DSLR Booth and Photoshop.

11. Peppermint Deco Photo Booth Template

Retro Vintage DSLR Booth Template

This is an ideal font for clients who love the combination of Peppermint color and modern art deco style. The template’s elements make it perfect for different events, from weddings and anniversaries to birthdays or nightlife events. The layouts come in Photoshop PSD format.

12. Floral Wedding Photo Booth Template

Floral Wedding DSLR Booth Template

Even though this template might remind you of the Wedding Flowers template introduced above, it has an entirely different style. The Floral Wedding photo booth template is one of the most captivating, modern floral designs out there. The combination of three classic colors with an elegant floral design is simply breathtaking.

13. Fashionista Photo Booth Template

Modern Wedding DSLR Booth Template

Fashionista photo booth template is one of the most classy templates on the market. The design is impressive and perfect for weddings, birthdays, or special public events like galas. The bundle comes in PSD format and includes three unique layouts for 4×6” and 2×6” prints.

14. Feathered Photo Booth Template

Birthday Party DSLR Booth Template

As one of the most energetic, colorful photo booth templates, Feathered rapidly became very popular. The layouts are framed by colorful feather overlays making the template a brilliant choice for numerous occasions. The set includes three 4×6” and 2×6” layouts and a square one for Snappic and iPad, all in PSD format.

15. Deco Wedding Photo Booth Template

Art Deco Wedding DSLR Booth Template

If your clients are looking for a unique photo booth template, this Deco Wedding template is exactly that. With a matte black background, framed by a gold, art-deco pattern, Deco is a stylish choice for many events like weddings, parties, or fundraisers.

16. Rose Patterned Photo Booth Template

Pink Wedding DSLR Booth Template

Rose Patterned photo booth template is a colorful, art-deco template that you can use on different occasions like family gatherings, parties, and more. The bundle comes in Photoshop PSD format and includes one square template and three 4×6” and 2×6” layouts.

17. Abstract Pastel Photo Booth Template

Abstract Pastel DSLR Booth Template

If you are looking for a photo booth template inspired by Abstract art, Abstract Pastel is the one for you. By combining fluid shapes and irregular, hand-drawn lines, this is a fantastic choice for modern projects and events. As with most templates on our list, the Abstract Pastel comes in PSD format.

18. Navy & Pink Photo Booth Template

Navy Pink Wedding DSLR Booth Template

Navy & Pink photo booth template is a multipurpose, clean template created to cover different needs and impress clients. A captivating pink pattern sits upon a minimalist navy blue background, creating a beautiful template for weddings, birthdays, school dances, and more.

19. Art Deco Party Photo Booth Template

Black & Gold DSLR Booth Template

Although modern designs are just as popular, vintage photo booth templates never go out of style. This Art Deco Party template reminds us of vintage party designs by utilizing a fantastic black and gold palette. The package is ideal for nightlife events, parties, and glamorous gatherings.

20. Turquoise Glamour Photo Booth Template

Turquoise Glamour DSLR Booth Template

Turquoise Glamour template is exactly what its name suggests; a captivating art deco, modern template that can be used for glamorous events like corporate parties. The package contains three layouts and a square template, ideal for Snappic and iPad. The templates are in Photoshop PSD format.

21. Elegant Deco Photo Booth Template

Elegant Birthday DSLR Booth Template

Elegant Deco is a brilliant choice if you are looking for a playful yet elegant photo booth template that you can use in almost any event. The template is fully editable, making it a perfect choice for a wide variety of occasions and clients. All three templates come in Photoshop PSD format.

22. Pink & Blue Marble Photo Booth Template

Pink & Blue Marble DSLR Booth Template

The Pink & Blue Marble template is an amazing depiction of the aesthetic appearance of marble. Likewise, this DSLR photo booth template is ideal for romantic events that need an elegant art-deco style. The set includes three layouts (4×6” and 2×6”) in PSD format.

23. Light Green Photo Booth Template

Light Green DSLR Booth Template

By utilizing earthy colors and an impressive pattern on the background, Light Green became famous for good reasons. This DSLR template is the definition of simple, light designs. Moreover, the template is fully customizable, allowing you to easily change its colors, text, and designs via Photoshop.

24. Gold Line Wedding Photo Booth Template

Gold Line DSLR Booth Template

Inspired by vintage art deco designs, the latest Gold Line Wedding template is an amazing choice for weddings. The background is white and framed by a captivating gold linear pattern. Gold Line can be customized in Photoshop and includes three special layouts that can be used in 4×6” and 2×6” prints.

25. Woven Blue Photo Booth Template

Blue Wedding DSLR Booth Template

Woven Blue is the right choice if you need a DSLR photo booth template reminiscent of nautical designs. A stunning woven rope pattern sits on a light blue background creating a unique photo booth template. With this unique design, Woven Blue is ideal for various celebrations such as weddings, anniversaries, children’s birthdays, and more.

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