17 Best InDesign Form Templates

A lot of things might be obsolete in today's digital age, but forms certainly aren't. Businesses all over still rely on them for a variety of reasons. Whether it's for contact info, surveys, or queries, forms are still a valuable tool for any business.

Of course, your clients want forms that stand out rather than blend in. Our selection of InDesign form templates fits the bill with a range of compelling designs. Below, you'll find a variety of designs and layouts for almost any purpose.

As you'd expect, these forms are tailor-made for Adobe InDesign. So, fire it up, download a form template, and get started on your next project with ease.

Why Use Adobe InDesign for Forms?

When you're a designer with a deadline and demanding clients, saving time is a necessity. Creating a form completely from scratch isn't just time-consuming, but also tedious. What better way to save time and frustration than with a form template for Adobe InDesign?

Adobe InDesign makes it easier and faster to churn out forms with plenty of visual appeal. For starters, the basic structure is already set up for you. With pre-set margins, bleeds, and form fields, all the hard work is already done. All that's needed are a few tweaks to your liking before you print.

Dive into our curated list of the Best Form Templates for Adobe InDesign.

1. Interactive Form Layout with Red Header and Footer Elements


Interactive Form Layout with Red Header and Footer Elements

A splash of color at the header and footer adds excitement to an otherwise clean form template.

2. Registration Form Layout with Pale Orange Accents


Registration Form Layout with Pale Orange Accents

Pale orange accents in all the right spots give this form template a warm, welcoming look and feel.

3. Registration Form Layout


Registration Form Layout

Blue gradient accents help add a dash of color to an otherwise clean, no-nonsense template.

4. Registration Form Layout


Registration Form Layout

Simple, but with modern flourishes to keep things interesting. Also comes with a photo placeholder.

5. Green and Yellow Questionnaire Forms Layouts


Green and Yellow Questionnaire Forms Layouts

Get the right answers with this stylish 2-page form template. Features a clean, yet engaging layout.

6. Registration Form Layout with Green Accents


Registration Form Layout with Green Accents

Bold typefaces and funky fresh form fields make this template easy to read and exciting to use.

7. Interactive Medical Form Layout


Interactive Medical Form Layout

Perfect for print and digital use. The form fields are clear, concise, and feature attractive blue accents.

8. Interactive Form Layout with Red Header and Footer Elements


Interactive Form Layout with Red Header and Footer Elements

Make your next survey with this clean, stylish form template. Ideal for both print and digital use.

9. Registration Form


Registration Form

A clean form designed for ease of use. The vivid blue accents on this form will grab your attention.

10. Registration Form Layout


Registration Form Layout

If your clients want a clean, minimalist form with zero frills, then this is the one to pick.

11. Minimal Style Nude Color Order Form


Minimal Style Nude Color Order Form

Soft colors and a clean, well-organized layout make this order form a joy for your clients to use.

12. Registration Form Layout


Registration Form Layout>/center>

When your clients want to keep things clean, simple and to the point, this gets the job done.

13. Registration Form Layout with Blue Accents


Registration Form Layout with Blue Accents

The bold blue accents make this professional form template pop in all the right ways.

14. Minimal Watercolor Order Form


Minimal Watercolor Order Form

A clean and elegant design featuring a lovely flower motif. Perfect for clients seeking that special touch for their forms.

15. Tropical Style Order Form


Tropical Style Order Form

This one features a much bolder flower motif for the cover page and form background. The green accents are phenomenal.

16. Customer Order Form


Customer Order Form

Elegant in every way. It's the perfect form for cafes, bookstores and other small shops.

17. Registration Form Layout


Registration Form Layout

Orange accents help add a bit of excitement to this otherwise clean and well-ordered form.

Final Thoughts: Best Form Templates For Adobe InDesign

The hardest part of any design project is starting one. With that said, Adobe InDesign templates make starting your projects easier than ever. Our list of attractive form templates makes those projects even easier to finish.

There are a few things to keep in mind when using our form templates. For example, simplicity is always a virtue. Removing unneeded fields can help simplify and shorten your forms. But, don't forget to include essential information such as addresses.

Also, keep logical sequencing in mind. Most of these forms already have it set up for U.S. audiences, for instance. In other parts of the world, though, the sequencing may be a bit different.

Take dates, for example. Most countries follow a month/day/year format, but others may follow a year/month/day format. Again, it all depends on the region of the world you're in.

Don't forget to preview your work when you're done. In InDesign, deselect your work and hit Shift + W on your keyboard. This will bring up InDesign's built-in previewer. Use this to check your work and to see if it needs a tweak or two.

Let us know what you think of our list of the best Adobe InDesign form templates. Drop a comment below or leave us a suggestion to add to our list. We're always on the hunt for gorgeous and practical templates.

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