Best Wine Bottle PSD Mockup Templates

As any experienced graphic designer will say, presentation is everything. That's especially true for marketing wines. And that's where our selection of wine bottle PSD mockup templates come into play.

If you want to save time and effort on your latest project, then these templates are the answer. In short, we've picked over 20 of the best examples from premium sources. That way, you won't have any worries about low-quality templates getting in the way of your work.

Each one has something for every designer. For starters, free-standing and handheld poses. Also, different bottle designs to match your needs.

Each template also comes layered and ready to edit. In the end, you'll have a finished product your clients can toast to.

Why Use Adobe Photoshop for Wine Bottle Mockup Templates?

For starters, Photoshop's powerful features make short work of customizing your artwork. Take the Smart Object feature, for instance. Smart Object layers let you add and edit your design without disturbing the rest of the mockup. You can get it done quickly and without worrying about lowering the quality of your work.

And as you might already know, Photoshop is also compatible with other Adobe products. For instance, you can port your finished mockup to a catalog in InDesign. This makes it a lot easier to edit and finish your designs in a quick amount of time. Besides, the compatibility also makes your workflows a bit less messy.

Get a taste of the Best Photoshop Wine Bottle Mockup Templates below:

1. Wine Bottle Label Mockup


Wine Bottle Label Mockup

This one features a simple, yet elegant scene. Comes with 2 fully editable design options.

2. Person Holding Wine Bottle Mockup


Person Holding Wine Bottle Mockup

Features a closeup of a person holding a wine bottle. Add your own design to complete the look.

3. Wine Label Mockup


Wine Label Mockup

This one also has a pair of hands holding a wine bottle. Included Smart Objects makes editing a snap.

4. Wine Label Mockup


Wine Label Mockup

This mockup features a wine bottle laid on its side. Ready to add your own design.

5. Wine Bottle Mockups


Wine Bottle Mockups

You'll find 4 wine bottles in different colors. Each one is an opportunity to showcase your creativity.

6. Wine Bottle Mockup


Wine Bottle Mockup

Surprise and delight your clients with this simple PSD wine bottle mockup. Easy to edit.

7. Wine Bottle Mockup


Wine Bottle Mockup

A high quality set of 3 wine bottles with differently shaped labels. Ready to add your own design.

8. Wine Bottles Mockup Set


Wine Bottles Mockup Set

A set of red, white and rose wine bottles. Perfect for showing off different wine varieties.

9. Two Wine Bottles Packaging Mockup


Two Wine Bottles Packaging Mockup

Features a white and red wine bottle on a neutral background. Easy to edit and print.

10. Red and Rose and White Wine Bottle Mockup


Red and Rose and White Wine Bottle Mockup

Includes 3 wine bottles in different varieties. You can change any element to make this mockup truly yours.

11. Wine Mockup


Wine Mockup

A simple wine bottle on a white backdrop. The perfect base for your next project.

12. Rose Wine Bottle Mockup


Rose Wine Bottle Mockup

Wow your clients with this sophisticated wine bottle PSD mockup. Comes with 2 design options.

13. Rose or White Wine Bottle Mockup


Rose or White Wine Bottle Mockup

Here's another wine mockup set to add to your designer's arsenal. Also comes with 2 different design options.

14. White Wine Bottle Mockup


White Wine Bottle Mockup

An awesome mockup of a pair of white wine bottles. High quality and easy to edit.

15. Premium Black Bottle Mockup on Black Background


Premium Black Bottle Mockup on Black Background

Sleek, bold and elegant. A great choice for showcasing any upscale wine. Just add your own design.

16. Red Wine Bottle Mockup


Red Wine Bottle Mockup

Surprise your clients with this realistic wine bottle mockup. Features easy to edit labels, background and more.

17. Three Wine Bottles Mockup


Three Wine Bottles Mockup

Showcase your wine branding with this realistic wine bottle PSD mockup. Clean, simple and easy to edit.

18. Front View of Two Wine Bottles Mockup


Front View of Two Wine Bottles Mockup

Features a red and white wine bottle you can add your own label to. Clean, elegant and easy to edit.

19. Wine Bottle Mockup


Wine Bottle Mockup

A bold choice with 3 modern wine bottles. Change the backdrop and labels to your liking.

20. Four Bottle of Wine with Box Mockup


Four Bottle of Wine with Box Mockup

If you need the total package for your wine branding efforts, then this one fits the bill.

21. Two Wine Bottles Mockup


Two Wine Bottles Mockup

Here's a pair of wine bottles in a dynamic pose. Bold, expressive and easy to add your own designs.

22. Wooden Box with White Wine Bottles


Wooden Box with White Wine Bottles

A great way to show off your clients' wine branding. Make your edits and make a splash.

23. Box for Wine Bottles Mockup


Box for Wine Bottles Mockup

This one has the wine bottles inside of a 6-pack box. Cool, unique, and fully editable.

24. Five Wine Bottles Mockup


Five Wine Bottles Mockup

Features 5 white wine bottles in a staggered row. Make your changes and impress your clients.

Final Thoughts: Best Wine Bottle PSD Mockup Templates

Winning over your clients can sometimes be hard work. Fortunately, that becomes easier with the best Photoshop wine bottle mockup templates.

These high-quality templates are just the thing for discerning clients. After all, they make it so much easier to present your logos and labels. Plus, they're a great tool for any designer to have.

As always, share this list with your fellow graphic designers. Also, share your thoughts in the comments below. We use the feedback to improve our lists and come up with fresh new ideas for the future.

Last but not least, tell us what new items you'd like to see in the future. That way, you'll come back for even more creations.



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