Seamless 3D Silk / Satin Fabric Patterns

100% seamless silk & satin patterns for Photoshop. So good you'll struggle to find better fabric textures for your work.

In recent months we have been publishing a whole slew of 3D patterns for Photoshop, largely for our premium members.

These pattern packs have been such a hit that we're working to create a set of patterns to cover every imaginable texture – or at least the most common ones we use in our work.

With this addition to the line, we can tick of silky fabric textures with an enormous checkmark, because these silk/satin fabric patterns have turned out far better than expected.

Most of our other pattern packs have focussed on geometric patterns with strong lines and straight edges. This makes them super easy to create. However, when it comes to the organic shapes and textures found in fabric, the complete opposite is true. Creating satin textures that were realistic, natural and seamless required us to really rack our brains.

Even though these patterns were no stroll in the park; after many hours of modelling, texturing, deleting and starting over again – the final product is a worthy result. I'm sure you'll agree!

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I love using fabric textures in the backgrounds of my work. In today's world minimal design styles, utilising 3D textures can provide a gorgeous contrast against flat design elements. I also love to use silk textures on the background of minimal flyer designs for luxury clubs and hotels, but finding the right silk texture can sometimes be a struggle.

Luckily, these 100% seamless silk / satin fabric patterns are far more powerful than any old silk texture or photograph. The fact that they can scale seamlessly on both the X & Y axis makes them perfect for use in backgrounds, no matter the size.

Likewise, should you want to use these patterns in a poster, flyer, door hanger and banner, you can rest assured knowing the pattern will scale seamlessly across all your designs.


Inside this download you'll find a total of 20 patterns, made up of 10 unique pattern tiles which comes in black & one other colour.

As with all our other premium patterns we've included the original square pattern tiles in case you'd like to use these patterns with another pattern-supporting program other than Photoshop.

You'll need to be a premium member to download these patterns.

Silk / Satin Fabric Patterns & Textures Preview:

10 Unique Silk & Satin Patterns

There are 10 Unique Silk & Satin Patterns /included in this pack.

High Resolution Silk & Satin Textures

Each of the tiles in this pattern pack have been created to give you high resolution silk & satin textures for your work in just a click.

Seamless Fabric Patterns

What sort of pattern would this be if it weren't seamless? These silk & satin patterns give you 100% seamless fabric textures whether you're designing for the screen or print.

Silk / Satin Textures for Photoshop

With these unique Photoshop patterns, you can add realistic fabric textures your work with just a click.

10 Unique Fabric Patterns Included:

Silk / Satin Pattern 1

Silk / Satin Pattern 2

Silk / Satin Pattern 3

Silk / Satin Pattern 4

Silk / Satin Pattern 5

Silk / Satin Pattern 6

Silk / Satin Pattern 7

Silk / Satin Pattern 8

Silk / Satin Pattern 9

Silk / Satin Pattern 10


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