Cryptocurrency Renders Pack

A set of 30 Bitcoin, Litecoin & Ethereum transparent PNG renders. Ideal for your next cryptocurrency design project!

Cryptocurrency is all the rage. Everyone is talking about digital currencies; from media & governments to my own granny. And when a topic is as popular as crypto is right now, inevitably it ends up in our graphic design projects.

So today we introduce a new premium resource, our Cryptocurrency Renders Pack. Something I think is pretty unique and certainly quite useful given the popularity of Bitcoin and other digital currencies in the world today.

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I recently helped a friend put together a Bitcoin-related design project, which is what spurred me to create this new resource.

I searched high and low and good quality Bitcoin renders but came away empty-handed. I found hundreds of high-quality stock photos, but so far couldn't find any transparent .pngs. So lets that fix, eh?

Included in this pack are Bitcoin, Litecoin & Ethereum renders, each styled like realistic coins, in .png format and with completely transparent backgrounds.

They're ready and waiting to be dragged and dropped into your next design project!

To download this resource you'll need to be a DesignerCandies Premium Member.

Bitcoin, Litecoin & Ethereum .PNGs

What use would a set of 3D renders be if they didn't have transparent backgrounds?

Each of the 3 types of coins in this pack feature completely transparent backgrounds. Simply drag and drop 'em into your work and you're good to go.

No need to remove backgrounds or crop out the coins, we've already done that for you!

Bitcoin PNGs

This pack features Bitcoin, Litecoin & Ethereum PNGs with fully transparent backgrounds.

Whilst there are now hundreds of different digital currencies, we've picked the big three: Bitcoin, Litecoin & Ethereum.

Each of the coins prominently features the respective currency logo/symbol on top of a circuitboard style background texture. The bitcoin coins are in gold whilst the Ethereum & Litecoin coins are in silver.

As well as individual coin renders featuring only bitcoins, litecoins & ethereum coins, we've also in included renders mixing each of the three currencies together.

Transparent Cryptocurrency Renders

As well as featuring piles of individual cryptocurrencies, we've also included renders with all three coins together.

Transparent Ethereum PNG Renders

Glam up ICO websites with these realistic Ethereum coin renders. With their transparent background they're ready to be dragged and dropped into any design.

Transparent Bitcoin PNG Renders

With their transparent backgrounds, these Bitcoin PNGs can simply be dragged and dropped into your work!

Transparent Litecoin PNG Renders

They may be Bitcoin's little brother, but these Litecoin PNGs with transparent backgrounds are just as realistic and fun to use.

There are a total of 30 renders in this pack. Please note, to download this pack you'll need to be a DesignerCandies Premium Member. Thanks for your support!

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