Drippy Brushes – 40 Dripping Brushes for Photoshop

Add a touch of Jackson Pollock to your design work with these realistic dripping-paint brushes for Adobe Photoshop.

I've always been a fan of realistic paint brushes in Photoshop. Something about natural design elements in a digital format is rather pleasing, and these dripping brushes are pleasing indeed.

With paint dripping down the page, brushes like these are ideal for adding natural and organic contrast to clean, flat designs.

To create these brushes I spent an afternoon scanning dried paint drips and turning them into Photoshop Brushes.

So now with just the click of a button, you can add realistic paint drips to your work, all without the mess it takes to create your own. Enjoy!

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Included in this set are 40 high-resolution paint drips that have been meticulously crafted by hand and transferred to the digital canvas.

Inside this download, you'll find a .ABR file for Adobe Photoshop CS4+. Each of the 40 brushes is unique, high-resolution & realistic.

Each brush is around 2,000px on its longest axis – so there'll be no problem using them in large print works.

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Preview: 40 Hi-Res Dripping Brushes for Photoshop

Drippy Brushes - 40 Dripping Photoshop Brushes

There are 40 unique paint-drip brushes included in this brush pack. As you can see from the preset-manager screenshot, most of the individual brushes are in excess of 2,000pixels with many maxing out at 2,500.

Real Paint Drip Brushes for Photoshop

Unlike our 3D renders, there's no visual trickery with these dripping paint brushes. They're 100% the real deal.

To make these brushes I spent a full afternoon dripping real paint over real paper sheets (and myself!). I then scanned the dried paint drips into Photoshop and converted them into brushes, giving you realistic paint drops for your digital work.

Dripping Brushes for Photoshop

Drippy Brushes for Photoshop

High Resolution Drip Brushes

Each of the brushes in this pack are completely unique. There are no duplicates or transformed originals. Each and every brush is taken from its own unique paint drop.

Drip Brush Example



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