Drug Renders Pack: Capsules, Tablets & Pills

Suffering from designer's block? Bad design giving you headaches? Too tired to meet client deadlines? We've got a pill for that!

Welcome to the DesignerCandies Hospital! Where all your graphic design ailments and issues can be healed. From lack of graphic design resourcefulness to a simple case of designer's block, we can solve it with our helpful resource pack prescriptions and downloadable drugs.

Just kidding. These aren't really drugs. They're just high quality 3D renders of drugs, pills, capsules and tablets.

In addition to our growing collection of free 3D renders, you now have no excuse to be feeling under the weather. DesignerCandies content is certified to combat signs of resourcelessness and creative block.

Known side effects of using DesignerCandies:

  • Awesome design work
  • Highly impressed clients
  • Increased creativity
  • Strong craving for new content
  • Addiction

Disclaimer: All of these side effects are fictional and harmless.

Other Useful Resources:

Alas, maybe I should stop messing around and get on with giving you details on this resource. The Drugs Pack by DesignerCandies may be a little on the controversial side of things, however there are plenty of legitimate uses for these renders – specifically if you're working on a design project within the supplements industry (which is huge) or if you're just out to have some fun and add a dose of awesomeness to your work.

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File details:

Included in this download are a total of 20 unique renders from 5 different models. There are capsules, tablets and pills available to choose from with a variety of angles. Easily change the colour of the renders by using a hue/saturation adjustment mask.

Each render is of incredible quality. Rendered at around 2000px in height and width with a resolution of 300dpi, these pills are large enough to use in printed banners and billboards with no loss of quality. Likewise, you can use them on the web and pretty much any other medium with no problem at all.

DesignerCandies Drug Renders Preview:

Capsule Drug Renders

My favourite render of this pack. A capsule style pill with one transparent end and one end translucent. Through the transparent case you can see the capsule is filled with smaller mixed-sized spheres.

Drug / Capsule Render

Another capsule style pill render, this time with opaque solid-colour ends. Bright and attractive colouring… rather unlike most typical prescribed drugs.

Blue Pill / Tablet Renders

Rather more generic – these blue coloured tablet renders can be used for a variety of things. Easily change the one-solid colour with a hue/saturation adjustment layer.

Tablet / Drug Renders

Another set of generic looking tablets. This time in standard circular pill form with soft, hospital-beige colouring.

White Tablet Renders

Simple, generic, white tablet renders. Mix them with water or design-whole.

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