Vector Leaves Pack

A collection of tropical leaf vectors in 3 different styles, perfect for adding clean & modern foliage to your work.

I started DesignerCandies to share small tidbit-type resources for dragging & dropping into your work. These leaf illustrations are a perfect example of that. Small, simple, but packed with purpose.

Way back in 2014 when DesignerCandies first launched, one of our first hit resources was The Foliage Pack. But with those original png renders starting to show their age, I figured it's time for a modern, vector-based alternative.

So today, I'm happy to publish our first Vector Leaves Pack. This collection of leaf vectors features leaves in 3 different styles. Choose from watercolour textured, solid & outlined.

With a range of styles & shapes to choose from, you've plentiful options for integrating these leaves into your designs. Better still, as vector-based illustrations, you needn't limit the size of your projects. These babies scale!

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Using foliage in design work is a timeless way of contrasting clean lines with organic forms. Ideal as patterns, borders & decorative elements, these vector leaves bring an instant touch of nature.

This natural style can be amplified further, for example by adding our PNG Water Droplets, as I have done in the main preview image. It's a subtle addition, but it works wonders in accentuating the tropical nature of these elements.

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Now, these aren't just evergreen leaves – the colours are completely customizable. Included in the download are both Illustrator Ai and layered Photoshop PSD files, giving you complete control over colours.

This means you needn't only use these leaves in tropical/summer type design products. Changing the colours to orange or blue opens these leaves up to fall & winter design projects.

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Vector Leaf Previews:

There are three key styles included in this vector pack: solid/blacks, outline & green with watercolour texture. Each of these three styles can be seen in the previews below.

Black Leaf/Leaves Vector

This version of solid black leaves removes the details of the spine and textures, giving you a silhouette type image. Perfect for backgrounds and mix & match colours.

Green Watercolour Leaf/Leaves Vector

The original version of these leaf illustrations are packed with detail. Subtle watercolour texturing between the spine of the leaves add clear panelling. The colour of the texture, base leaf and spine can all be customised.

Leaf Outline Leaves Vector

Finally, we have also included a chic outline version of these leaves. Personally, I think this style is ideal as borders and backgrounds on wedding invitations & stationery or packaging designs.

Please note, you'll need to be a DesignerCandies Premium Member to download this resource.

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