The Foliage Pack

The Foliage Pack by DesignerCandies puts nature at your fingertips. Quickly and easily add a touch of natural greenery to your designs with these exceptional foliage renders.

If you've ever tried cutting out leaves and vines in Photoshop you'll know it's a pain in the ass that takes HOURS. Ok, well maybe not hours, but it takes one helluva long time and unless you concentrate easily yields poor and unusable results.

I often use natural elements such as leaves and vines in my work, draping them around objects and intertwining them with text and image areas.

Foliage elements such as these help break up the plain, boring and unnatural lines that can easily appear in boring design projects, especially when you're lacking in creative juices.

More leaf & foliage related resources:

They also help you go that extra mile and creatively decorate your final design. Add hanging vines to the foreground of your work and filter them with a Gaussian Blur to add depth and scatter the leaves around the edges of your work to give a natural looking border.

I'm sure some of you are thinking “I never work on nature based projects” and will brush these off, however they can be used in a multitude of projects. Beauty Spas, high end bars, outdoor businesses, community groups, eco businesses – the list goes on. Two recent projects I've used the Ivy Vines and Flowers from this pack in included wrapping Ivy around a Champagne bottle for a high end nightclub and placing the flowers in the background of a Ladies Night Poster. Who would've thought, huh?

Spend a minute stretching your creativity muscle and I'm sure you'll find something to use the renders for.

File Details:
There are a total of 12 renders included in this download from 6 unique models (two angles each). They range in size from 1000px to 3000px in height and width. Each render is incredible quality and rendered at a toasty 100dpi. Their overall size makes these foliage renders perfect for web and print design work.

Free Foliage Renders Pack Preview:

Foliage Renders

Every PNG render included in The Foliage Pack by DesignerCandies is rendered in large dimensions at 100dpi resolution and of course – exceptionally high quality.

Leaf Renders

There are a mix of leaf style foliage, flowers, vines and trees to choose from. Each model rendered from two different angles.

Free PNG Flower Renders

Adding some contrast and variation to the large amount of greenery included in this pack, these stunning free png flower renders are a beautiful addition.

Tree PNG Renders

I've called these trees, but maybe they're still a little small. Either way, another great piece of foliage to add to your work!

Ivy PNG Renders

What self respecting Foliage Pack would be complete without some ivy renders? Drape these around your next design – tip, they make great borders!

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Hi I'm Adam, the DesignerCandies founder. Here are a few phrases that describe me best: Graphic designer. Photoshop aficionado. Full-time Blogger. Beer lover. Coffee enthusiast. Blighty hailer.


  1. Autumn Breeze Oliva
    / Reply

    you should totally make a grape vine one with grapes and vines seperate, ive been needing it for lots of things.
    well thank you for this one Adam! i appreciate your work.

    • Great idea @autumnbreezeoliva:disqus,

      We’ve been really busy with work on other projects which is why the site hasn’t been updated of late, however I have been in need of more foliage elements myself.

      This would be a great addon!

      • Autumn Breeze Oliva
        / Reply

        I understand, I immensely appreciate your for putting your work out for those to use and enjoy, I haven’t used your stuff yet but when I do I will make sure to give you all the credit you deserve! Thank you Adam.

  2. ADAM.. you are truly an angel.. you are doing a very good job and for good cause … keep up the good work.. will defiantly pray for your good health and success ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Shouvik Raychowdhury
    / Reply

    I love this but why can’t I download it? I have subscribed with my mail id, I have confirmed from the confirmation link, both from yahoo and gmail. it is still saying ‘you need to enter your email address here’. putting my email id thousand times but not getting anything!


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