Free 4 Leaf Clover PNGs

Free 3D Four Leaf Clovers

Drag & drop these abstract 3D shamrocks into your work for a fun & friendly Irish theme.

These stylised 3D clovers were made years ago for some St. Patrick’s Day Flyers I was making. Since then, they’ve sat on my hard drive gathering virtual dust. That was until last week when I dug them up again for another St. Paddy’s design.

Since St. Patrick’s Day is once again just around the corner, and there are few other times of year 4-leaf clover PNGs might come in useful, I thought I’d put these to better use and share them here on DesignerCandies.

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There are 10 unique shamrock renders included in this download. Each of the renders come in various colour variations, including a shimmering solid gold and a faded green.

The clovers are rendered in multiple different angles, making it easy to layer them on top of one another in the same design.

Whilst these 4 leaf clover PNGs are only useful around St. Patrick’s Day, they’re ideal for bar flyers, event posters & social media graphics.

I also think they’d make a great asset for Celtic themed game graphics, such as casino & slot games.

Download Free 3D Clovers

Preview: Four Leaf Clovers PNGs

Free 3D Clover PNGs

Free 3D Clover PNGs - Gold Version


Download these 4-leaf clovers for free below, and link us to your projects in the comments!

Download Free 3D Clovers

As with all our resources, these files are uncopyright and can be used however you choose. A link credit is always appreciated 🙂

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