Free Gold Coin Renders Pack

I hope to one day see these free gold coin renders as the face of some new crypto-currency "CandyCoins" used by designers worldwide to pay for premium brush packs, textures and fonts... ahh the dreams!

Anyone for some free money? Oh if only we could render out real chunks of cash, huh?! In today's freebie you can get your hands on 5 different gold coin renders, each featuring a subtle illustration to help give you a clear mix of coins to use in your work.

The coins are not hyperrealistic like some of our other renders and instead sport a more cartoonish arcade style. This makes them a little less serious than if you were to use photos of real money in your design and will instead add a slight playful edge to your work.

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  • The coins would be a great addition to mobile gaming apps, online games, business related powerpoint presentations and more. With 5 different coins to play with you can mix and match the coins and come up with a whole bunch of unique combinations. With a black and white & curves adjustment mask, you can easily add a silver finish to these coins further enhancing their usage.

    To give you an idea of usage – These coins were originally created for St. Patrick's Day Flyer Templates over on my other site, You know how it's stereotypical for pots of gold to be affiliated with St. Paddy's day events? Well we created these renders to place in the templates as “falling pots of gold”.

    File details:
    These coins come slightly smaller than our other renders at round 400px by 400px each. As usual, they're rendered at 300dpi so they can easily be used in both web and print items and they're totally copyright-free thanks to our Uncopyright policy. Enjoy the free money folks!

    Download Free Gold Coin Renders

    File Preview

    Free Gold Coin Renders

    Free Gold Coin Renders – The Bird & The Bison

    Free Gold Coin Renders

    Free Gold Coin renders – The Anchor, The Captain's Wheel & The Vintage Car


    Download Free Gold Coin Renders


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    1. Adam – What tooling (software) did you use for this and what is your workflow? I’d like to mint some Bitcoin coins in this graphic style so sharing some source files / pointers would be awesome.

    2. thank you so much i found your site Adam, im just new to photoshop, and i was so amaze with this design of yours. i wish i could have PSD for this .

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