Free Hot Air Balloon Renders

Add some floating fun to your artwork with these free hot air ballon renders in transparent .png format.

We strive to create fun and interesting freebies. Just like most of our other 3D freebies, these free hot air balloon renders just about meet that criteria.

With their cartoonish style, these free hot air ballon renders are ideal for dragging and dropping into your design projects to quickly add a fun and childlike element.

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Preview: Free Hot Air Ballon PNGs

Free Balloon Renders PNG

Each balloon is rendered from a simple and almost cartoonish model, but nonetheless comes with a high quality finish.

Free Balloons PNG

There are a total of 8 unique balloons in this free pack, with different colour combinations and styles. The strikingly bright colours make it easy to isolate individual parts of the balloon to change colours to your exact demands.

Free Hot Air Balloons

Each of these free hot air balloon renders comes as a high-quality transparent png file with dimensions of around 1200×1200 pixels.

Free Balloons PNG

File details:

Inside this free download you'll find 8 unique hot air balloon renders in transparent png format. The ballons feature solid colour patterns which can easily be isolated and altered using Photoshop Adjustment Layers.


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