Transparent PNG Water Droplets

Add a splash to your designs with these transparent PNG water drops. Drag & drop into any design for a realistic dripping water effects.

Creating these transparent water droplet pngs was far more difficult than I originally imagined. Capturing the organic form, natural shadows & realistic shadows took more than 8 attempts to get right.

One main issue was creating a transparent water droplet that would work on both light and dark backgrounds.

In the end, we managed this by including two variations for each background type. The light-background versions feature smooth reflections and decreased transparency, with sharper lighting and increased transparency for the dark background variations.

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When creating the mockups for these water droplets, I found that you can increase the intensity of the water droplets on dark backgrounds by using additional – yet subtle – 90º drop shadows. Likewise, adding a subtle white highlight above the droplets increases the natural lighting effect. Do this with a 100% feathered brush click, then set the blend mode to Overlay.

If you’re an advanced Photoshop user, you can further enhance the effect of these droplets by warping the background elements that are seen beneath the water droplets. A small but very effective trick. Do this by using Photoshop's “Liquify” filter. Select “Show Backdrop” so you can see the water droplets and other canvas elements.

File Info:

There are 20 unique water droplets included in this download. Each droplet comes in two styles; one for light backgrounds, the other for dark backgrounds.

The files in .png format. They are not vectors or PSDs, though they will work with most design software.

Each PNG file was exported at 1200x1200px, though this also includes the size of the droplet shadow. Each individual water droplet varies in size and shape.


PNG Water Droplet Previews

High-Resolution Transparent Water Drops PNGs

Each of the water droplets in this pack come as high-resolution, transparent PNGs. Drag & drop them into any design project, whether for the screen or for print!

Light & Dark Water Droplet PNGs

Each droplet comes in two styles for light & dark backgrounds.

20 PNG Water Droplets

In total, there are 20 unique water droplet forms, giving you plenty of room to mix and match droplets for realistic dripping water effects.

Add to your design work!

Overlay on photos or add them to design work, this drag & drop clipart water drops are an ideal design resource for a wide range of projects. Enjoy!


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