Seamless 3D Wood Patterns & Textures

100% seamless wood patterns & textures. You'll struggle to find better wood patterns.

Over the years one of the most common resources I have searched for has been good quality wood textures. Today I'm happy to release my very own resource into the mix (and potentially upgrade tha' game): 100% seamless wood patterns for Photoshop.

I don't mean to toot my own trumpet, but I'm sure like me you've used a few wood textures here and there. They make for great backgrounds, but one thing that annoys me as when they're not quite the right shape or large enough to fit into your design. Kinda frustrating.

Now, there are also quite a few wood patterns out there, but most of them have been created for web designers with a web-first approach. Aka, they're too small for print work.

So I figured that seen as we've been releasing a series 3D Patterns, we here at DesignerCandies should also make our own wood pattern pack.

Completely seamless high-resolution wooden background patterns. They repeat on both the Y and the X axis and we're so confident in them, we'd bet you can't even find the seam. Enjoy!

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Inside this download you'll find 10 unique wood patterns for Photoshop. Each pattern features a different texture, model style & colour. They're gorgeous, and we've also included the original pattern tiles for good measure – so if you don't use Photoshop but you use some other pattern-support software, you're good to go.

P.s, you'll need to be a premium member to download these patterns. Whatcha waiting for?

3D Wood Patterns & Textures Preview:

This pack includes 10 Seamless 3D Wood Patterns & Textures for Photoshop. Each pattern scales & repeats seamlessly – you'll love 'em!

Wood Patterns for Photoshop

We've worked hard to make these patterns as realistic as possible. Drop these patterns into any design and you won't be able to tell what's real wood and what's not!

Wood Textures Pack

All 10 Individual Wood Patterns:

Wood Pattern 1

Wood Pattern 2

Wood Pattern 3

Wood Pattern 4

Wood Pattern 5

Wood Pattern 6

Wood Pattern 7

Wood Pattern 8

Wood Pattern 9

Wood Pattern 10

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