ONYX – Luxury 3D Patterns for Adobe Photoshop

Add beautiful 3D textures to your work with this set of 10 seamless patterns for Adobe Photoshop.

In many ways luxury fashion brands are always ahead of the stylistic curve. What they're putting out on their catwalks today will over the coming year or so trickle down into regular high street stores.

Whilst wandering around Bangkok city centre a couple of years ago, I noticed that all the high-end fashion boutiques were using beautiful 3D patterns on the outside of their shop fronts. Instead of regular flat marble or brick, their walls were textured with stunning 3D patterns.

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Ever since then I have wanted to release a set of 3D patterns here on DesignerCandies that were inspired by those luxury boutiques. Subtle textures have been popular for quite a while, but only in more recent times 3D patterns have begun creeping into people's work.

Today I'm excited to finally be sharing a set of 3D patterns with DesignerCandies members.

10 Unique 3D Patterns Included

Included in this premium download are 10 unique 3D patterns for Photoshop. We've also included the original pattern tiles, so if you're not a Photoshop user you can still put this resource to use in other programs.

Luxury 3D Patterns for Photoshop

Completely Seamless Patterns

As a pattern, this resource wouldn't be very useful if it weren't seamless. We've meticulosuly rendered these 3D patterns to ensure they seamlessly repeat along both axis when applied to your layers in Photoshop.

Luxury 3D Patterns for Photoshop

High Resolution Renders

In order to use these patterns in both web and print projects, we've ensured they're available in a high resolution format. Using Photoshop's layer style manager you can scale the size of the patterns down when you require a smaller image.

Luxury 3D Patterns for Photoshop

Each pattern comes in colour / black & white

Most of these 3D patterns were originally exported with a natural sandstone colour scheme. Included in the pack are 10 unique 3D patterns, each in their original colour along with a black and white variant.

Luxury 3D Patterns for Photoshop

This set of 3D patterns is a member resource, if you'd like to download it either join DesignerCandies or login to your account.

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