12 Simple PowerPoint Templates for Impressive Presentations

Clean, minimal & modern. These simple PowerPoint templates will have the slides doing all the talking for you...

These simple PowerPoint templates are a quick & easy way to upgrade any presentation. They'll improve your slides with a professional design to help give you an edge over any competition.

Whether you're throwing together an important keynote speech or you're working on class materials for students, ensuring the design is clean and easy to read is essential.

If you've never used a PowerPoint template before, you've seriously been missing out. If you're a frequent user of PowerPoint for presenations or printing material, entering the world of pre-made templates will likely change your work life.

Readymade PowerPoint templates in .ppt & .pptx can save you dozens of hours when compared to creating the layouts yourself. Even more so, as these templates are built by some of the world's leading PowerPoint designers, the quality of design you can create yourself will be up there with the pros.

We've rounded up 12 of our favourite simple PowerPoint templates to help give you a head start.

The benefits of simple PowerPoint presentation templates

Simple PowerPoint presentations are ideal for keeping audiences engaged. The fewer pieces of content per slide, the easier it is for viewers to digest your message. This is why simple PowerPoint templates are an essential ingredient to keynote speech success. Simplicity is key.

A further benefit of simple PPT designs (like the ones listed below) is their tendency to use clean white backgrounds. A white background on a presentation helps content stand out when projected onto a screen or whiteboard. Makes sense now I say it, right?

Lastly, you should limit your animations and transitions. Way back in 2001 it might've been cool to have wild animations transitioning from slide to slide, but nowadays a simple fade will do nicely. Keeping our list of PowerPoint templates on the simple side, we've chosen templates that don't feature heavy animations. The ones which do, however, are muted for professional effect.

All of these PPT templates use free-to-download fonts, so don't worry about needing additional software!

1. Simple & Cool PowerPoint Template

Simple & Cool PowerPoint Presentation Template

The leading simple PowerPoint presentation on CreativeMarket, with beautiful cool mint colour scheme & wide variety of stylish layouts.

2. Modern PowerPoint Template

Modern PowerPoint Template

This simple yet modern PowerPoint template combines simplicity with bold brand colours for high-impact presentations.

3. Simple & Cool PowerPoint Template Vol.2

Simple & Cool PowerPoint Template Vol.2

Simple & Cool PowerPoint Template Vol.2 combines strikingly modern style with beautifully simple presentation slide layouts.

4. Present Materials PowerPoint Template

Present Materials Simple PowerPoint Template

With it's gorgeous pastel colour schemes & subtle design elements, this simple ppt template is an ideal balance between form & function.

5. Minimal Pro PowerPoint Template Bundle

Minimal Pro PowerPoint Template

One of the top-selling PowerPoint template bundles of all time; Minimal pro takes ‘simplicity' to the extreme.

6. Simplicity PowerPoint Template

Simplicity PowerPoint Template

The clue is in the name with this one! Simplicity PowerPoint Template is an ideal choice for simple business presentation designs.

6. Clean PowerPoint Template

Clean PowerPoint Presentation Template

A clean, modern & simple PowerPoint template with a range of practical business layouts for almost any presentation.

7. Shift Modern PowerPoint Template

Shift Modern PowerPoint Template

Blending clean white backgrounds, minimal layouts & stylish photo masks makes Shift a multipurpose template for just about anyone.

8. Phantom PowerPoint Template

Phantom PowerPoint Template

Phantom is a striking PowerPoint template with a clean, modern & highly flexible design style.

9. Portal PowerPoint Template

Portal PowerPoint Template

A bold and modern style, white backgrounds and easy-to-edit layouts – the perfect bridge between simple & cool.

10. Verzus Minimal PowerPoint Template

Verzus PowerPoint Template

With over 3,100 sales, this simple ppt template is a force to be reckoned with!

11. Simplicity PowerPoint Template

Simplicity 2.0 PowerPoint Template

Another impressive PPT template not to be confused with its simplicity. Simplicity 2.0 takes ‘simple' to the extreme, but with over 7,000 downloads, you're know you're in good company.

12. SWIFT Minimal PowerPoint Template

SWIFT Minimal PowerPoint Template

With over 200 slides to choose from on clean, minimal white background layouts, SWIFT is an incredibly valuable template for anyone frequently giving presentations.

Did we miss a template you want?

I hope you found value in this round-up of simple PowerPoint presentation templates. Though, I'm not a huge user of PPT templates myself, so perhaps I missed something?

If I missed a PowerPoint template that you think would be useful for this post, please post it in the comments below so I can add it to the post!

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