Vintage Lightbulb Renders Pack

How many designers does it take to render a lightbulb?

I'd never realised just how difficult lightbulbs can be to work with until I needed to use one in a design last week.

I started by purchasing some stock photos and trying to reduce the opacity and colour of the background in Photoshop; but it never quite looked realistic enough.

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Now I consider myself to be quite skilled when it comes to using tools like Photoshop, but cutting out the background of a lightbulb was beyond my skill set.

I searched high and low for good quality lightbulb pngs, but finding stock photos of lightbulbs with transparent png backgrounds is harder than it sounds.

So I was left with one option: to fuel up the DesignerCandies rendering machine and churn out some new content!

The end result can be previewed below. This vintage style of lightbulb has seen a surge in popularity in recent years, particularly in hipster cafes and high end restaurants.

This download is exclusively for our premium members. We recently introduced a premium section here on the site to help fund the production of high quality unique resources. If you think you'd like to get your hands on these, please consider joining 🙂

Inside this download are 8 unique lightbulb renders. Each lightbulb shares the same style but comes in a slightly different shape.

Each of the lightbulbs is rendered as a high-resolution transparent png.

They are ideal for using in both web and print projects and are guaranteed to add an interesting visual element to your work. See more previews below.

Transparent Lightbulb PNG Renders

Transparent Lightbulb Renders

These transparent png lightbulb renders can simply be dropped into your designs to add a realistic vintage touch.

Transparent PNG Lightbulbs

Each of the transparent PNG lightbulbs in this pack have been rendered at high resolution with transparent background effects.

Transparent PNG Light Bulbs

There are 8 individual lightbulb renders included in this pack. Each features a different shape, but the same vintage style.

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