The 3D Bullet Renders Pack

The DesignerCandies Bullet Pack is a heavyweight set of graphic design ammunition - use them responsibly.

I think I best start this post with a disclosure: these bullets are not real and cannot be loaded into guns, so please don't try. They are merely pixels. Do however use them to create wicked good mixtape covers, movie posters and things like that.

Without encroaching on Jeff Finley's brand, I'd describe these bullet renders as “Weapons of mass creation” – would you agree?

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I know nothing about guns or bullets so I can't tell you what type of bullets these are (maybe someone else can in the comments), but I can tell you that there are three different types of bullet included in the download, each one rendered in exceptionally high quality and from multiple different angles.

The pack includes a total of 16 unique renders. Two of those renders are a “collection” or “stack” of bullets stood up next to one another, the others are high resolution isolated bullets.

File details:

Each bullet is rendered at around 1500px by 1500px at 300dpi resolution, although each render does vary slightly. There are 16 unique renders in transparent .PNG format included in this download.

Bullet Renders Preview:

3D bullets for Photoshop

3D Bullets for Photoshop – The DesignerCandies 3D Bullet Pack

Isolated 3D Bullet Renders

The isolated bullet renders come in 3 different versions and several different angles each

3D Bullet Renders

Spectacular lighting and detailed surface texturing makes these 3D bullet renders incredibly realistic

High Resolution Bullet Render

Each bullet included is rendered in brilliant high resolution

Bullets Piled up as Ammunition

As well as individual renders, we've also included 2 compilation renders of the bullets stood up next to each other. Great for graphic design ammunition

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Hi I'm Adam, the DesignerCandies founder. Here are a few phrases that describe me best: Graphic designer. Photoshop aficionado. Full-time Blogger. Beer lover. Coffee enthusiast. Blighty hailer.


    • You’re welcome, Charley! don’t forget to mention stuff you need in the Suggestion Box πŸ˜‰ Maybe others need it too πŸ™‚

  1. Great looking stuff… only thing is Firearm clients are pretty particular with markings on the casings etc… make sure they’re accurate (i.e. 12 GA should be on a shotgun shell, 270 Winchester shouldn’t be on a handgun round, and that one recessed looking primer is a bad thing, and the primers should be fresh on an unfired round, smooth with no ding in the center). In a precision industry like ammo & firearms, things like that get called out. Amazing looking renders & textures, just hoping to save someone an embarrassing moment. Thanks for addressing a need that has been largely ignored in our market.

  2. Hey i just found this website yesterday and this is now my favorite website behind Youtube lol.
    I really love the 3D render pack. I would love to see some gun packs like, handguns , assult rifles, maybe some big flashy jewelry , like blinged out watches and chains. Sorry to be so blunt but these are the type of things that attract my target audience / my clients

        • That means the file isn’t downloading properly. Make sure you have a strong internet connection and try clearing your cache. The downloads are working fine over here.

          • Thank u so much.. finally it’s work. and once again thanks a lot for.. sharing a superb 3D render pack… πŸ™‚

  3. You have a good sense of detail. Thanks for sharing this brillian artwork freely and uncopyrighted. Appreciate that πŸ™‚

  4. It’s stupid to wrote ” Designer Candies ” and to have a png background because we can’t download with png but just wit jpeg… please fix that and give juste a png file !

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