KARAT – Solid Gold 3D Lettering Kit

Create realistic metal text effects that even Mr. T would be proud of.

Introducing KARAT, a fun-filled alphabet of slick, solid-gold 3D lettering in transparent PNG format.

We've been on somewhat of a roll of late, releasing a handful of 3D lettering kits for our premium members. KARAT adds a bit of bling-bling to the list, whilst being ever-so simple to use.

With DesignerCandies, I've always wanted to release small, useful resources that help a full range of designers – not just the high-flying professional. And I think that's why I've been loving the releases of these simple 3D lettering packs.

Layer styles can only get you so far, and creating 3D text can be difficult, especially for newbie designers. But with transparent PNGs like these, you can simply drag and drop realistic 3D text into your Photoshop PSDs. And after all, if you're wanting realistic metal text effects, there's no better way than with real metal modelling, right?

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File information:

Made using Impact, a popular system font on both Mac & Windows, each letter is high-resolution, rendered at around 2,000×2,000px. They're ideal for both screen and print based work.

Tip: If you flip symmetrical letters (like A, H, I etc) you can add a little more depth/interest to your compositions.

The letters are available as transparent PNGs without any shadows. (I have used shadows in the preview images just as an example)

Included characters: Letters A-Z, numbers 0-9, and symbols !.,£$€

You'll need to be a DesignerCandies Member to download this resource (please consider supporting our work!) 🙂

KARAT Gold 3D Lettering Kit Previews

The full A-Z uppercase alphabet is included in this pack, along with popular currency symbols and basic punctuation.

3D Gold Lettering PNGs / Photoshop PSD

Add shows and highlights to your text in Photoshop (or other design tools) to amplify the metallic gold effect.

Add Shadows & Highlights

Each of the letters comes in high-resolution transparent PNG format, enabling you to use this in a variety of softwares – from Photoshop & Illustrator to Canva and PowerPoint.

3D Gold Letters for Photoshop

You'll need to be a DesignerCandies Member to download this resource. Please consider joining to support our work 🙂

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