Love Heart Balloon PNGs

Did we just make a bunch of Love Heart Balloons? Yes we did! ‘Cause love is in the air – literally!

Our Free PNG Balloons have done so well that there's no doubt in our minds that balloons are a popular resource – at least for designers.

And as we've got Valentine's Day coming up (need some Valentines Vectors for that?), we figured we'd re-shape our balloons with cupid in mind.

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In this pack of love heart shaped balloons are a total of 30 unique renders. The balloons come in a variety of styles and colours. Some are red, some are gold, some are matte and some are metallic.

One of my favourite features of these 3D balloons is the pleated edges, which give them a hyper-realistic foil balloon style.

These renders are an ideal resource to drag & drop into your Valentine's Day design projects for an instant and unmistakable Valentines theme. I mean, what other day of the year are love heart balloons used for!?

Love Heart Balloon Previews:

High Resolution Love Heart Balloon

Gloss & Metallic Versions

Gorgeous Pleated Edges

Love Heart Shaped Balloons (PNGs)

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