Free Sphere Renders

Free Sphere Renders Pack

Industrykidz is back with more energetic design add-ons: this time a pack of various exciting spheres.

I never thought I'd describe spheres as exciting, but there's a first time for everything I guess.

Objects like spheres and cubes are exceptionally useful for designers as their simple and non-specific form means they can be used as decorations in many different design projects.

From being a small and discreet decoration to taking centre-stage on your Photoshop canvas, the humble sphere is a useful chap.

This pack of vibrant sphere renders was produced by DesignerCandies regular and good friend INDUSTRYKIDZ. You should definitely check him out.

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There are 10 different sphere renders included in this pack, so you've got plenty of variation to mix and match assets in your designs. Changing colours is possible through the use of a hue/saturation adjustment mask, although that method won't work as easily for renders with multiple colours. Dare I say it you'll need to get your fingertips dirty.

File details:
Each render varies in size, from around 300px to 1000px in height and width. Each asset is rendered at 72dpi. Whilst this does put them a little on the small side, they're still big enough to be used in small print items like business cards and small flyers.

This free resource is released into the public domain under our Uncopyright policy. Yummy.

Download19803 downloads

File Preview:

Sphere Renders 1

Free Sphere Renders

Free Sphere Renders

Free Sphere Renders

Free Sphere Renders

Free Sphere Renders


Download19803 downloads

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  • Garrett Schultz

    how do you install them into photoshop once its downloaded?

    • Adam McIntyre

      They are transparent .PNG renders, Garrett. You can just drag them in 🙂 No installation required.

  • kate

    your works are great)

  • non-commercial EsterTV

    Nothing to say… only “wow!” :-)))) Thanks for the beauty.

  • suruha

    Thank you so very much!

    • Adam McIntyre

      You’re very welcome! 🙂