Best Indesign Gift Voucher Layout Templates

For many businesses, there's no better way to get customers' attention than with a gift voucher. For starters, they entice new audiences to try out goods and services at no cost to them. Second, they give loyal customers a great way to give, especially during the holidays.

So, it's no wonder your clients want you to work your magic. But, creating the perfect gift voucher from scratch is easier said than done. Cue our list of amazing gift voucher layout templates.

Each one gives you everything needed to set your creativity in motion. Also, the ground work is already in place, so you don't have to start from square one. For instance, the bleeds and margins are pre-made. All that's needed are your edits and you're good to go.

Why Use Adobe InDesign for Gift Vouchers?

Why not? With Adobe InDesign, you have the power to bring your creative ideas into reality. Besides, it's the industry standard for making and editing multipage documents. Its powerful toolset is perfect for bringing graphics and text together.

Adobe InDesign also works perfectly with the rest of the Creative Cloud suite. So, if you have AI or PSD files, you can import those into InDesign with ease with no loss in quality or usability.

Finally, the gift voucher layout templates on our list are tailor-made for InDesign. The INDT format makes it easier to import, edit and prepare templates. The end results are great for printing as well as digital downloads. Each template gives you plenty of options to tweak and customize your creation how you want it.

Get ready to dive into our list of the Best Gift Voucher Templates for Adobe InDesign:

1. Coupon Voucher, gift card Layout


Coupon Voucher, gift card Layout

Flashy and bold with vivid colors. The reverse features a monochromatic scheme that looks just as good.

2. Red and Green Ribbon Gift Card Layouts


Red and Green Ribbon Gift Card Layouts

Simple, yet fabulous. A great way to ring in the holidays or any other special occasion. Comes with 2 layouts.

3. Gift Voucher Layout with Gold Accents


Gift Voucher Layout with Gold Accents

Clean and elegant. Add your own text and images to this DL-sized voucher and make it special.

4. Christmas Voucher with Red Accents


Christmas Voucher with Red Accents

Spread holiday cheer with this Christmas-themed voucher template. The red and gold accents make this one pleasing to the eye.

5. Gym Voucher Layout 3


Gym Voucher Layout 3

This fun-filled fitness voucher encourages new customers to get fit. Bold, expressive and brimming with lots of energy.

6. Gift Voucher Layout with Colourful Shapes


Gift Voucher Layout with Colourful Shapes

Simple, yet colorful. The perfect gift voucher template for any type of promotion or event.

7. Coffee Gift Voucher Layout


Coffee Gift Voucher Layout

Brew up excitement with this modern and elegant voucher layout. Comes in DL size and CMYK color.

8. Teal and Pink Voucher Layouts


Teal and Pink Voucher Layouts

This one features a classy and calming design. The pink and teal accents give it an elegant touch.

9. Blue and Green Gift Voucher Layout


Blue and Green Gift Voucher Layout

If simplicity is what you need for your next project, then this minimal gift voucher delivers.

10. Retail Voucher Layout


Retail Voucher Layout

Clean and classy. This black-and-white voucher layout comes in your choice of 4 layout options.

11. Pastel Gift Voucher Layouts


Pastel Gift Voucher Layouts

Simple, yet modern. Warm pastel tones lend this gift voucher template a gentle, friendly vibe.

12. Gift Voucher Layout


Gift Voucher Layout

Impress clients with this bold and flavorful gift voucher layout. Not only is it DL-sized, but it's also easily editable.

13. Gift Voucher Layout with Rose Illustrations


Gift Voucher Layout with Rose Illustrations

Bring warmth and elegance to your next project with this unique template layout. All you'll need is your own text.

14. Valentine's Day Voucher Layout 1


Valentine's Day Voucher Layout 1

Watch as your clients fall in love with this bold and colorful gift voucher template.

15. Gradient Gift Voucher Layout


Gradient Gift Voucher Layout

This one features a clean, modern design laid over a pastel gradient. You'll have 2 design options to choose from.

16. Blue Gift Voucher Layouts


Blue Gift Voucher Layouts

If your clients crave art deco, then they'll love this vintage-themed design. Red and blue accents add plenty of oomph.

17. Colorful Voucher Layouts


Colorful Voucher Layouts

Bright and colorful. The perfect gift voucher for clients who crave a little attention. Features 2 design options.

18. Light Teal and Gray Gift Voucher Layout


Light Teal and Gray Gift Voucher Layout

An interesting design that offers plenty of visual appeal. You'll also have 4 layout options to get your creativity going.

19. Minimal Black and White Gift Voucher Layout


Minimal Black and White Gift Voucher Layout

This gift voucher template speaks for itself. A clean, minimalist design that's anything but barebones.

20. Festive Gift Voucher Layout


Festive Gift Voucher Layout

Get into the holiday spirit with this inspiring gift voucher layout. Use your own images for that special touch.

Final Thoughts: Best Indesign Gift Voucher Templates

And with that, our list of the best gift vouchers for InDesign comes to a close. Whether it's for a client or yourself, you'll love the impressive variety that's on display. Of course, you'll have no difficulty in choosing the right template for your needs.

You've heard us mention “DL-sized” in the above list. As it turns out, there are several different sizes and formats you can print your gift vouchers in.

For instance, the “DL” size measures 99 x 210 mm — a third of the size of a typical A4 sheet. The DL size is perfect for handing out at special events. After all, such sheets easily fit into one's pockets, as well as small envelopes.

In contrast, A4 is much larger. But, you can fit more info onto an A4 gift voucher. That can be a boon for anyone looking to get the most out of their clients' promotions.

As always, check back with us soon for the latest and the best in graphic design goodies. Don't forget to drop a comment below, especially if you love our offerings.

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