Studded Leather Patterns for Photoshop

These eye-catching studded leather patterns are big, bold & brash!

In general, I use fabric patterns sparingly in my design work, most often as a way of adding subtle organic textures.

But not with these 3D studded leather patterns. Make no mistake, there’s nothing subtle about them. They’re big, brash and waiting to take centerstage in your next nightlife themed design.

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I specify nightlife as, over the years, those are the typical projects I’ve worked on that’ve called for studded leather textures like these. So it could just be me.

In most nightclubs, there’s often a fair amount of quilted leather seating used. As so, patterns like these make perfect backgrounds in flyers by tying-in the nightlife theme in a clean and classy way.

With that said, though, you needn’t limit these patterns to just nightlife clients. They’ll come in useful for a variety or projects – think hair and beauty salons or sofa shops. They’ll also be a practical choice for interior designers and architects looking to load them in as wall & object textures.

File info:

You’ll find 14 unique and 100% seamless patterns included in this set. There’s a variety of studded/buttoned leather patterns, including a rather impressive aged Chesterfield leather version.

As with all our patterns, we’ve included both the Photoshop .PAT file and the original seamless pattern tiles in .PNG format. This means you can load them in to any software that supports pattern tiles!

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Studded Leather Patterns Preview:

Studded Leather Pattern 1

Studded Leather Pattern 2

Studded Leather Pattern 3

Studded Leather Pattern 4

Studded Leather Pattern 5

Studded Leather Pattern 6

Studded Leather Pattern 7

Studded Leather Pattern 8

Studded Leather Pattern 9

Studded Leather Pattern 10

Studded Leather Pattern 11

Studded Leather Pattern 12

Studded Leather Pattern 13

Studded Leather Pattern 14

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