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Free Fighter Jet Renders Pack

After the popularity of our 3D bullets, I think it's only fair to load you up with some more hardcore graphic design weaponry, this time in the form of supersonic military aircraft with our Free Fighter Jet Renders.

At the forefront of military technology, the fighter jet is a symbol of explosive force, unparalleled speed, untamed power and intense force.

With these free jet renders decorating your work, you can quickly and easily portray those qualities, or if you choose, just simply add some flare to your design.

Disclosure: These renders were submitted by Industrykidz, however the original model used was acquired from

With a clever use of Photoshop's motion blur filter and adding some lines to the wing tips with a thin brush (I don't know what they're called, but the lines of mist you see coming off the end of a jet's wings – you know what I mean) you can put these jet renders to work in your design and have them realistically flying around any subject you choose. You can see my example in the above preview image.

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These renders have often been used in Industrykidz' flyer work, particularly military and camo themed flyers, filled with military attire, weaponry, tanks and aircraft. Now you can add in some military aircraft force to your work too!

There are four different renders included in this pack from two different models. Three renders come from the previewed jet model, one of them untextured. A spitfire render is also included, however this is also without any texturing – so you'll have to be creative in it's usage.

Maybe mixing and matching the textured and untextured versions will create a nice contrasted when used together in a design – be sure to show examples of your work in the comments!

File details:

Each render is around 800px by 800px in dimension, rendered at 72dpi resolution. Use them as you wish, in personal or commercial projects, templates yada yada: they be uncopyrighted.

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Free Jet Renders Preview:

Free Jet Render

Free Jet Render Angle 1

Free Jet Plane Render

Free Jet Plane Render Angle 2

Free Spitfire Render

Bonus – Free Spitfire Render


Download11031 downloads

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