Paper Confetti Overlays

Realistic paper confetti to overlay on photos and design work.

With their realistic matte finish, these Paper Confetti Overlays are a versatile tool for photography & design professionals.

Every now and again we release a resource that our members absolutely love.

Since its release, our PNG Confetti Pack has steadily grown to be one of our most popular resources ever.

As so, I thought it was about time we introduced a second version, this time in a typical paper finish and 4K resolution.

With less 3D stylisation and a matte-paper finished, these Paper Confetti Overlays will come in useful to photographers and designers in a wide range of situations.

Their colours are easy to customise and the large resolution means they're suitable for high-res photographs.

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  • To make the best of these overlays, you'll need at least some Photoshop skills.

    We've included a variety of overlays, which range in confetti shapes, sizes & intensities. But even with these various files, you'll still need to use masks to isolate areas you don't want the confetti to appear.

    Similarly, using motion blur filters in Photoshop and layering differently sized confetti on top of one another dramatically enhances the realism of your final images.

    This will take some Photoshop knowledge, but don't worry too much about that. Using the second download button on this page, you can download example PSDs to see exactly how I created the previews listed below.

    Changing colours:

    In the previews & example PSDs you'll noticed I've used a variety of colours. The standard PNG files included in this pack are multicoloured like typical kids party confetti.

    To change colour, apply a black & white filter in Photoshop first, then add your desired colour as an overlay and set the blend mode to “color”.

    This will change the colour of your confetti whilst also keeping the shadows and highlights intact. You can also use gradient maps and gradient overlays the same way.

    File info:

    There are 20 unique files included in this download. Each file is in transparent PNG format and comes in 4k resolution.

    If you have any questions about how to use these files, please post it in the comments below and I will be more than happy to help.

    Paper Confetti Overlays Preview:

    Paper Confetti Overlays Example

    Paper Confetti Overlays Example

    Paper Confetti Overlays Example

    Paper Confetti Overlays Example

    Paper Confetti Overlays Example

    Realistic Paper Confetti Overlay

    Paper Confetti Overlays

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