Lava Patterns

Seamless lava patterns for scorching-hot design work and underworld games...

If you know DesignerCandies, you know we love a good 3D pattern. As so, we're thrilled to add these impressive lava patterns to our premium repertoire.

One could say that it's not often a designer is tasked with volcano-inspired design work, but these patterns are much more useful than just geographic representation.

In fact, most of the time I see lava patterns & textures being used in design work, it has nothing to do with volcanoes at all.

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Instead, they're used to indicate heat – for instance, a “hot deal” on advertisements – or to showcase the raw power of a product. You know what I mean?

Similarly, they're great as game textures and scrolling background patterns on infinite runner style games.

Naturally, a lava background means you're underground in a dungeon, or facing a level's boss like Bowser in Mario.

However you choose to use these patterns, we're sure you'll be impressed. They're realistic, seamless and include enough variety of a range of design styles.

File info:

Inside this download you'll find a Photoshop .PAT pattern file, alongside the original .PNG pattern tiles.

There are a total of 8 unique patterns included, with each tile sized about 2,000×2,000px – making them an ideal alternative to HD lava images any day of the week 😉

P.s, you'll need to be a Premium Member to download this file. Please consider joining and supporting our work 🙂

Seamless Lava Patterns Preview:

Seamless Molten Lava Patterns

Lava Pattern 1

Lava Pattern 2

Lava Pattern 3

Lava Pattern 4

Lava Pattern 5

Lava Pattern 6

Lava Pattern 7

Lava Pattern 8

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