Bamboo Patterns for Photoshop

Seamless bamboo patterns, ideal as textures & backgrounds in Asian-inspired projects.

Bamboo patterns like these offer a quick & easy way to add the influence of Asia to any design project. Thanks to their seamless nature and high-definition production, they're ideal as backgrounds and textures in work for both print and screen.

Although bamboo grows all over the world, as a plant, it is most often associated with Asia (and, of course, Pandas!).

So, if you're working on an Asian-inspired design, these bamboo patterns will be an ideal resource to have on hand.

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The idea for these patterns came about whilst browsing around for assets to use myself in a recent design project for a Japanese hotel spa.

I found that there is plenty of bamboo patterns available as stock images, and in vector art format, but few offered the invisible seamlessness that I was looking for.

So you know how we do here on DesignerCandies – we made some ourselves!

I used these patterns as a background on posters and banners, coupling them with our Transparent PNG Water Droplets to create a hot & humid image. You can see an example of this in the main preview image above.

File info:

There are six unique bamboo patterns included in this download. 3 are in vibrant green and 3 are in brown dried-wood colours.

The original pattern tiles are also included in the download should you want to use these files with other pattern-supporting software.

Each of the patterns is 100% seamless, meaning they can scale infinitely on both the X and Y-axis.

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Seamless Bamboo Patterns for Photoshop Previews:

In the below preview images you can see just how realistic these bamboo patterns are.

Note that the previews below are displayed at just 50% scale, further emphasising just how high-resolution and detailed these textures really are.

Heck, I bet if I told you these were photos you'd believe me, right!?

Seamless Bamboo Pattern 1

Seamless Bamboo Pattern 2

Seamless Bamboo Pattern 3

Seamless Bamboo Pattern 4

Seamless Bamboo Pattern 5

Seamless Bamboo Pattern 6

Bamboo Texture

Seamless Bamboo Pattern

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